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Kirin. The Secret Has Been Bottled Up Long Enough.

This campaign had no less of a goal than to save Kirin Beer from extinction in the U.S., as failure could drive Kirin management to withdraw its product from the United States. To achieve this remarkable objective required keen insight into the import beer drinker's psyche, dramatically new strategic thinking, an explosively impactful creative concept, and a media strategy and tactics that allowed Kirin to level the battlefield against competitors whose marketing budgets dwarfed Kirin's by as much as 20 to 1. Extensive developmental research and quantifiable pre-and post-campaign research helped document a remarkably successful marketing program.

Brand: Kirin
Client: Kirin Brewery of America LLC
Agency: Houston Helm and Company
Language: English

The Captain Was Here

"The Captain Was Here" campaign used the beard and mustache icons with the theme line to develop a persona for the brand - bold, daring, adventuresome and above all fun. The campaign was successful in gaining share and driving case sale levels, exceeding goal by more than 2 times. This campaign has surpassed all of the sales goals for a second consecutive year.

Brand: Captain Morgan
Client: Seagram Spirits & Wine
Agency: Grey Global Group
Language: English

The Penguin Campaign

Bud Ice Languished in 1995 because its "icy" advertising imagery was virtually indistinguishable from the icicles and snowdrifts used by most other "ice" beers. But in the first half of 1996, Bud Ice achieved remarkable gains in advertising awarness and imagery, as well as a 12% sales increase despite sluggish performance in the "ice" beer category overall. These improvements resulted from the Penguin campaign, which uses "pop culture" classics as settings for the antics of a mischievous penguin. Inspired by consumer descriptions of Bud Ice as the "renegade cousin" of the Budwiser family, the cuddly Penguin terroizes human beings in his relentless quest to get their Bud Ice, proving that Bud Ice is so good even a Penguin will go to crazy extremes to get some.

Brand: Bud Ice
Client: Anheuser-Busch, Inc.
Agency: Goodby, Silverstein & Partners
Language: English

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