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Packaged and frozen foods both regular and diet/light.



Anything for Baby

Over the past decade, Gerber, the most famous face in the baby aisle, was blindsided by the biggest revolution in baby food ever. As moms clamored for healthier options for their little ones, Gerber’s food credentials were questioned, and the brand was left looking more out-of-touch than iconic. Gerber rose to the challenge with far more than a campaign. “Anything for Baby” was a rallying cry that transformed the whole brand, shattering moms’ expectations and reversing close to a decade-long slide in sales and market share.

Brand: Gerber
Client: Gerber
Agency: Terri & Sandy

BullSh*t Free Eggs

"Cage-free eggs" sure sound nice. And egg-lovers agreed. By 2017, “cage-free” was a $600 million dollar industry. But cage-free hens live their entire lives indoors, with about 1 sq ft of space per hen. Egg buyers had been seriously duped into thinking they were buying the gold standard in eggs. Vital Farms and their pasture-raised eggs took aim at cage-free with “Bullsh*t-Free Eggs.” We were able to lift Vital Farms’ sales, steal share from cage-free, and welcome a new audience. Vital Farms eggs aren’t cage-free, they’re bullsh*t-free.

Brand: Vital Farms
Client: Vital Farms
Agency: Preacher

Antojo Mañanero

De Todito es la marca especialista en acabar con el hambre, pero el negocio no iba bien, el consumo decreció y tuvimos que pensar en algo fuera de lo común para salvar los indicadores. Es así como decidimos romper con un tabú, casi cometer un pecado…
Decidimos que era hora de explorar nuevos terrenos y nos lanzamos a donde nunca antes un snack se había atrevido: las mañanas.

Brand: Detodito
Client: Pepsico Alimentos Colombia LTDA
Agency: Sancho BBDO

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