Fresh, packaged and frozen foods both regular and diet/light.



How a brand of mini stature beat the major players with cheesy humour

With just 4.11% share of voice, Mini Cheddars's animated brand world, full of cheesy characters, doubled awareness and increased sales by 21%, outperforming the category

Brand: Mini Cheddars
Client: Pladis
Agency: TBWA London
Language: English

Send Noods

Amid COVID-19 panic, our disrupted livelihoods had us yearning for comfort. With connections to others severed, we turned to comfort food to fill the void. Meanwhile, a competitor entered the Macaroni & Cheese category—Cheetos, a zeitgeist among younger consumers. Kraft needed to galvanize Millennial attention to maintain its position as market leader. Enter: “Send Noods.” On National Noodle Day, Kraft encouraged young adults to reconnect and send boxes of Kraft Mac & Cheese to their special someones. The response was astounding—and no one was talking about Cheetos.

Brand: Kraft Macaroni & Cheese
Client: The Kraft Heinz Company
Agency: Mischief @ No Fixed Address
Language: English

Bonduelle grew into olives

How to tell about the brand in a new way, keeping it recognizable? How to outrun competitors, if your range is 10 times narrower? How to explain people that Bonduelle is not only corn and peas, but also olives?.. We took a strong insight, added brand cues to the experimental visual solution and served to the target audience at the height of the season. Following the campaign, Bonduelle became the most recognizable brand in “Olives” and entered the top 3 in the category. We turned the consumer consciousness, formed over decades, in 1 month. Did you grow into such efficiency?

Brand: Bonduelle
Client: Bonduelle
Language: English, Russian

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