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Grab: Digitalising Farmer Supply Chains

Vietnam is Southeast Asia’s fastest growing digital economy but even amidst an unprecedented e-commerce boom, 14 million rural farmers (representing 1 in 5 Vietnamese adults) are held back from prospering by a broken supply-chain where up to 45 percent of fresh fruit and vegetables harvested perish before reaching anyone’s table. GRABCONNECT helped to connect ‘digitally outcast’ farmers to Grab’s vast network of merchants and app users, helping to build a stronger supply ecosystem for online groceries in Vietnam, and saving more than 400 tons of fruit losses in the process.

Brand: Grab
Client: Grab Singapore
Agency: Grab

McDonald's "Together let's go big"

With the help of T.R.A.I., Storia.ro changed the way people look for their dream home by inserting a more informed criteria when buying or selling a property - upending the category convention. T.R.A.I. INDEX became a very efficient recruitment and engagement channel for STORIA.ro, helping the brand Win the Leadership of the real-estate category. By being radically different, T.R.A.I. moved the needle on all Storia significant KPIs that are hard to move in such a short interval.

Brand: McDonald's
Client: McDonald's
Agency: TBWA Paris
Language: English

Hopeless generations

In 2021, only 16% of the important 16-24 target group thought McDonald’s was a good employer. McDonald’s set out to change this perception by going against the stream of prejudices adults have against young people – showing how McDonald’s have believed in every hopeless generation since 1973. The campaign increased “good employer” by +56% and brand trust by +40%, resulting in a visit intent uplift by +23%, increasing McDonald's market share from 43% in January 2021 to 50% in January 2022.

Brand: McDonald's
Client: McDonald's
Agency: NORD DDB Stockholm
Language: English

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