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Effective marketing communications that incorporate sustainable strategies can make a positive difference for brands and for the environment.



Mayo Tackles Food Waste

The mayonnaise category and Hellmann’s experienced sales decline. While America knows and loves Hellmann’s, it often only comes to mind as a condiment for making sandwiches tasty. We defined a new, meaningful role for the brand – Hellmann’s as an ingredient to reduce food waste, an ingredient to transform disparate, leftover ingredients into delicious dishes. We used the second largest day of food waste, Super Bowl, as the campaign platform. The result: +16.8% sales lift while motivating 71% to reduce food waste at home.

Brand: Hellmann's Best Foods
Client: Unilever (United States)
Language: English

Water Index

We symbolized water's worth with the Finish Water Index to inspire long-term behavior change and emphasize that water scarcity is not a seasonal issue. We underlined its worth by listing it with visual value references like currency and gold. The Finish Water Index campaign reached 27 million in the TV total target audience. Its top-of-mind score increased by 10 points. The conversation rate of water scarcity increased by 121%. Yarininsuyu.com got 600% more visitors sharing information on water footprint and index calculations educating on water scarcity and drought.

Brand: Reckitt-Finish
Client: Reckitt
Agency: Havas Turkey
Language: English

The First Account Designed for Climate Action

Drowned out by other banks focused on a short list of offerings—convenience, service and low fees—Bank of the West tapped into a growing desire for brands who put principle alongside profit. The 1% for the Planet Account created the ultimate proof of the banks’ values—the only bank account that helps everyday people take climate action. This first-of-its-kind account drove the highest consideration levels in Bank history, and achieved 139% of sales goals even through the depths of the pandemic.

Brand: Bank of the West
Client: Bank of the West
Agency: the community
Language: English

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