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Effective marketing communications that incorporate sustainable strategies can make a positive difference for brands and for the environment.



Stop Endocrine Disruptors

Slovakia is the country with strong pro-Russian sentiment and the lowest willingness to help Ukrainians from the entire EU. That's why the Magna charity had to create an impressive and heartbreaking campaign to convince Slovaks to help war-torn Ukraine. Our street installations brought the harsh reality of war "physically" into people's daily lives and opened their eyes. With a zero media budget, the campaign earned spontaneous publicity on national TV channels that reached 43% of the Slovak population and brought Magna a 51-fold increase in new donors.

Brand: Clovin total brand campaign
Client: Clovin S.A.
Agency: Mobile Rockets
Language: English

TIERR4: la IPO más urgente del mundo

Una llamada a la acción por la sostenibilidad del planeta que capta la atención de líderes empresariales en medio de una agenda llena de decisiones que compiten con la agenda ESG. Es precisamente lo que aborda el proyecto "TIERR4: la IPO más urgente del mundo". Una campaña que transforma al planeta en una empresa en riesgo de quiebra y que abre su capital, logrando sensibilizar a líderes empresariales para que firmen el Pacto Mundial, comprometiéndose con la Agenda 2030.Una iniciativa que ha estado rindiendo excelentes "dividendos".

Brand: Pacto Mundial de Las Naciones Unidas & B3
Client: Pacto Global da ONU no Brasil
Agency: AlmapBBDO
Language: Spanish

No trash - No problem

This is the story of how URSUS took a public stand on the bear issue, as part of its commitment to helping bears. By raising awareness, funds, and public support for a solution that clarifies the real problem and helps both bears & people: contributing to bears’ natural habitat protection through a dedicated cost-related marketing program that raised +120.000 euros in under 11 weeks and unprecedented public support in favor of protecting bears, despite the massive anti-bear narrative.

Brand: Getlini EKO landfill
Client: Getlini EKO
Agency: White Label (Latvia)
Language: English

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