Global: Fast Moving Consumer Goods (FMCG)

All fast moving consumer goods products (both food & non-food) including packaged foods, snacks, alcoholic and non-alcoholic beverages, household cleaning products, personal care, beauty products, pet care, etc.



Protecting the world's biggest brand with a smile

How do you protect the value of the world's biggest brand? With a smile! Colgate is the leader in oral care in most global markets. But erosion had begun, driven by category commoditization we helped create with functional communication that made no emotional connection. The business risk was significant– without changing course, we stood to lose $300+MM within years. So, we shifted investment to equity-building, reinventing Colgate as the Champion of Optimism, inspiring people to “Smile Strong.” By building strong emotional bonds, our brand once again thrived--even through the pandemic!

Brand: Colgate
Client: Colgate Palmolive
Agency: WPP Red Fuse
Language: English

Dove Deodorants: The Big Switch

After a decade of success, Dove deodorants was facing plateauing growth. We were also facing growing consumer distrust of media and big brands. So, rather than creating a typical 'advertising campaign', we launched our biggest ever consumer trial (now over 5,000 women across 17 different countries). Competitor users tried Dove deodorant for a week, then decided whether to switch to Dove: 90% said they would. Through using women's smartphone footage of the trial, we then created a fresh and authentic user-generated campaign. Truly global in scope, truly local in execution. 

Brand: Dove Antiperspirants
Client: Unilever
Agency: Ogilvy UK
Language: English

All Worth It

This case addresses the pain of feeling excluded. Conventional wisdom dictates that mass marketing should focus on the majority for the biggest returns. Unfortunately, this leaves minorities feeling ignored, especially in mass cosmetics. With the widest foundation range, but not the biggest share, L’Oreal True Match saw an opportunity to help everyone feel ‘worth it’ with a foundation for every kind of face, for every shade around the world. Taking an inclusive, leadership stance was good for everyone, with True Match seeing huge gains in every market. 

Brand: True Match
Client: L'Oreal Paris
Agency: McCann London
Language: English

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