Commerce & Shopper: Challenger Brand Solutions

This is an award for smaller, new, or emerging brands making inroads against big, established leaders.



eos Brand Campaign

eos (evolution of smooth) wanted to revolutionize the dated shaving category and capture a new generation of young women. Polite, precious and utterly unhelpful, the category was ridiculously disconnected from a woman’s shaving reality. So, eos set out to get real about shaving and hair…everywhere. All inspired by what women actually need - on-going, honest, raw, fun, and useful conversations about shaving.

Brand: eos
Client: eos Products
Agency: Mischief @ No Fixed Address
Language: English

Godiva Is Chocolate

The Godiva Is Chocolate campaign catapulted Godiva into CPG where competitors had dominated for years. By repositioning Godiva as the solution to all shoppers’ everyday chocolate needs, we boldly took on the entire category, shattering stereotypes and reframing Godiva from a formal gifting chocolate to an everyday self-treat. While our competitors were still the epitome of gold, chocolate luxury, we flipped the script reaching a new, younger audience. Resulting in +43% distribution increase and a higher increase in sales vs. competitors, the campaign effectively step-changed the growth trajectory of Godiva.

Brand: Godiva
Client: Godiva Chocolatier
Agency: TracyLocke
Language: English

AlphaFoods Class Action Lawsuit

Taste is the #1 barrier to trying plant-based. Americans simply don't want to believe that something made from veggies can taste like meat. But Alpha’s meat alternatives really do. To prove that our products were truly indistinguishable from the real thing, we did the unthinkable - we invited ‘accidental’ vegans, who had been unwittingly duped by Alpha into becoming plant-lovers, to sue us for damages by joining a Class Action Lawsuit. The campaign generated 27% increase in sales, 218M impressions, a 10X increase in search and 7X increase in web-traffic..

Brand: Alpha Foods
Client: Alpha Foods
Agency: Mischief@NoFixedAddress Inc.
Language: English

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