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Recognizing non-profit organizations and associations  with marketing programs that have measurably shifted audience (B2B or B2C) behavior toward more environmentally sustainable choices, grown demand for more sustainable products and servi



Plastic Diet

Plastic pollution is a serious environmental crisis, but previous campaigns haven’t managed to rally public support. The Plastic Diet campaign re-framed the debate - from a distant environmental issue to an acute personal problem by making people awarethat we involuntarily eat and drink plastic. Our now iconic message that “you eat a credit card of plastic every week” created headlines across the world and inspired +2 million people to pledge support giving WWF the momentum to put pressure on governments before the signing of the global treaty at UNEA 2022.

Brand: WWF
Client: WWF Singapore
Agency: Grey Malaysia
Language: English

Vote Like a Madre

For Hispanic moms, climate change was a real concern. However, most weren’t aware that voting was the strongest tool they had against it. In fact, 50% of Hispanic women did not vote in 2016. We needed to change this, and we did it by turning voting into an act of love. Our campaign, “Vote Like a Madre,” asked mamas to pinky promise their children they would vote for politicians that put the planet first. We got mamas to pinky up, speak up and vote, and proved motherly love conquers all.

Brand: Potential Energy Action Network
Client: Potential Energy Action Network
Agency: the community
Language: English

Birds Records

How to help birds in distress if charity isn’t developed in Russia? People tend to donate one-off and to the popular directions. We used streaming model for charitable purposes for the first time. WWF and Yandex.Music created the first noncommercial label “Birds Records”. Birds became performers and were able to earn money. Recorded by Dorn on the base of birds’ samples single “Dich’” was presented on Yandex.Music. Birds received deductions from each listening and will continue while it’s in demand.

Brand: World Wildlife Fund Russia (WWF Russia)
Client: WWF Russia
Agency: BBDO Moscow
Language: English

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