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Service communications efforts that have experienced sustained success for more than 3 years are eligible for entry.



The New York Times

From 2016–2021, The Truth Is campaign established a compelling emotional message that allowed The New York Times to push back against the rising mistrust of the media and meet shifting consumer news consumption preferences head on. The campaign essentially paved the way for emotionally-led storytelling around the subscription market for the entire journalism industry, resulting in category leading results in key perceptions. Lastly, it contributed to a 321% increase in digital subscribership— helping the enterprise accomplish our goal to grow subscription revenue by 50%.

Brand: The New York Times
Client: The New York Times
Agency: Droga5
Language: English

How Reindeer Ready earned our share of the festive feels

This is the story of the humble carrot stick.
A product that, when we began, accounted for just 0.01% of McDonald’s sales.
Over 5 years, this previously overlooked vegetable has driven all new Brand Buzz, Brand Love and, ultimately, £86m of additional profit.
All amidst a fiercely competitive and media-crowded occasion, in which McDonald’s previously had no natural role: Christmas.
This is proof that long-term, brand and business building success can start in the most unlikely of places.

Brand: McDonald's
Client: McDonald's (United Kingdom)
Agency: Leo Burnett (United Kingdom)
Language: English

How a fake bank led to real results for Santander.

Santander had entered the UK market as an innovative challenger, catapulting into the banking big leagues with a blockbuster product. But by early 2019 it had become a boring, bog-standard bank, talking to an audience that thought little and cared even less about banking. In order to capture their attention and stay top of mind, we created a fictional rival bank, run by Britain’s favourite entertainers (and least competent bankers) Ant & Dec, making a virtue of Santander’s simple, smart and sensible solutions. Four years later, the campaign has driven impressive growth, and the bank’s declining fortunes have been reversed.

Brand: Santander
Client: Santander UK
Agency: House337
Language: English

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