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Service communications efforts that have experienced sustained success for more than 3 years are eligible for entry.



Wearing in, not wearing out: Six years of Food Love Stories (and counting)

In an industry that fetishises ‘new’ and short-termism, this is a story about doing the opposite through a big, enduring idea – Food Love Stories.
How six years of careful stewardship helped that idea become more successful than ever, transforming the nation’s biggest grocer from faltering to flourishing.
How an unwavering belief in the power of long-term brand building paid off, even when Tesco found itself caught in a history-defining pandemic.
When other brands react to changing headwinds by starting anew, this is a story of bravery in committing to what’s worked before.

Brand: Tesco
Client: Tesco
Agency: BBH
Language: English

Kevin versus John - How a humble carrot usurped a national treasure to win the UK’s Christmas Ad crown

By consistently sticking with and investing in Kevin for 6 years, and not being seduced by the desire for novelty and innovation, Aldi took on and beat the giants of Christmas advertising, John Lewis and Coca Cola, to become the UK’s most effective and favourite Christmas advertising. Kevin was declared ‘The Nation’s Favourite Christmas Ad’ in 2020, and again in 2021, even surpassing the iconic ‘Coke Truck’. Most importantly Kevin has helped to deliver a 6-year value share growth of 54%, £618m in incremental revenue and an overall ROMI of 241%. Not bad for a humble vegetable.

Brand: Aldi UK
Client: Aldi
Agency: McCANN Manchester
Language: English

How We Got Customers Lovin' It And Kept Them Lovin' It, No Matter What

This is the story of how, over 15 years, brand-building has taken McDonald’s UK from national pariah to national treasure.
It brings to life how this unique approach to communications was established, expanded and elevated to re-earn McDonald’s place in the hearts of the nation, and never let it go.
And it proves how this has driven an extraordinary 54 quarters of continuous growth and delivered £4.7bn of additional revenue, despite a catastrophic PR crisis, category fragmentation, and Covid-19.
This is the story of how brand-building got customers Lovin’ It again, and kept them Lovin’ It, no matter what.

Brand: McDonald's
Client: McDonald's (United Kingdom)
Agency: Leo Burnett
Language: English

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