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To bring its purpose of “giving every child the best start in life”, Babyshop took on coloudblindness among UAE’s children. We based our thinking on a truth: We can learn about children while they play, so what if we identified colourblindness through play (vs worry-inducing medical environments)? And we created: THE COLOURCHECK PENCIL SET. A double-sided multi-coloured pencil set to identify colourblindness in the early years. Distributed across schools and Babyshop stores, multi-coloured pencil sets became tools for parents to identify if a child was colourblind.

Brand: Babyshop
Client: Babyshop - Landmark Group
Agency: Publicis Groupe - Publicis Middle East (United Arab Emirates)
Language: English

The Homecoming

In a competitive promo-centric furniture retail category of rational persuasion, Home Centre sought to strengthen ‘emotional connection’ and ‘brand respect’. We focused on the tension that many children don’t have families and homes, but owing to complexities, it isn’t easy for families to adopt or foster. And we launched, “THE HOMECOMING”; the first-ever initiative by a brand in the region to encourage, enable and celebrate adoption, including through fostering. Through a cross-platform and persistent plan, first, we inspired and encouraged, overcame negativity, then, we enabled and finally, we celebrated.

Brand: Home Centre
Client: Home Centre
Agency: Publicis Groupe - Leo Burnett Middle East
Language: English

Swipe Night

Swiping on Tinder had become passive and mindless. We needed to give Gen Z a more meaningful reason to swipe. Enter Swipe Night, a first-of-its-kind interactive miniseries where instead of swiping on people, you enter a first-person POV, apocalyptic adventure where you swipe to make high-stakes, highly-revealing choices to survive. The choices reveal something about your personality and are used to pool you with users who made similar choices. The activation was a true cultural moment, recording 6.7 million total players and over 3.1 billion earned impressions.

Brand: Tinder
Client: Tinder
Agency: 72andSunny Los Angeles
Language: English

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