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Un gran grupo gremial lechero, no solo grande en marcas, sino en market share, líderes de categoría demandaron a la Foodtech Notco y su marca NotMilk por competencia desleal e inducir a error a los consumidores de leche.Frente a esto, nuestra idea fue copiar literalmente sus argumentos de la demanda y utilizarlos para describir los principales atributos de NotMilk y reiterar que NO SOMOS LECHE.Lo que no sólo nos trajo los resultados esperados, sino aumento en Market Share y Cientos de miles de dólares en Free Media.

Brand: NotCo
Client: NOT CO
Agency: MRM
Language: Spanish

Save Your Father's Day: How an awkward conversation sparked cancer awareness amongst Danish dads

The electric vehicle industry is progressing, but many potential buyers remain sceptical. While in Europe cars hold profound emotional value, e-mobility marketing relies on rational, technical communication.  Our response: Star Wars meets ID Buzz. We tell captivating stories, where Star Wars characters embrace the ID. Buzz’s human charm with its smiling front, showcasing the emotional side of cutting-edge technology.  The outcome: similar to the iconic Bulli, the ID. Buzz wins hearts, generates over 5.8 billion impressions, was briefly sold out, and boosts brand consideration from 18% to 25%.

Brand: The Danish Cancer Society (PSA)
Client: Danish Cancer Society
Agency: Robert / Boisen & Like-minded
Language: English

Dogcation: How a travel agency got pet owners out traveling with a 627% ROMI

As food prices soared, Swedes were increasingly nostalgic about McDonald's old prices in McDonald's social channels. To increase value for money, visit intent, and encourage more Swedes to download and use McDonald’s app, we launched Deals stuck in time to reactivate over a decade of McDonald’s old outdoor ads. By turning yesterday's deals into McDonald’s best deals today, 840,000 time-travels were made. Active app users increased by +28%, value for money rose from 43% to 56% and visit intent increased from 41% to 53%, leading to +17,1% in sales growth.

Brand: Nordic Leisure Travel Group (Spies)
Client: Nordic Leisure Travel Group
Agency: Robert / Boisen & Like-minded
Language: English

2023_eu_2023_e-906-779_hero_1 Human Meat Plant-Based Burger Human Meat Plant-Based Burger
2023_la_2023_e-2925-605_hero_1 Cambiemos La Regla Cambiemos La regla.
2023_la_2023_e-3098-471_hero_1 Burger King La Cajita Más Feliz

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