New Product or Service Introduction

Any communications effort used to introduce a new product or service that is not a line extension.



Subway Series: The Dream Team of Subs

People didn’t see Subway as a brand worth craving. To combat this, Subway created a new line of sandwiches designed to satisfy food cravings. But simply introducing a new menu couldn’t change the engrained preconceptions of Subway. To drive consideration, we needed to get people to see Subway differently. By drawing parallels between cravings and fandom culture, our campaign sparked a +9.3% lift in the perception “has food I crave,” +25% lift in future consideration, and an +8.6% lift in sales achieving Subway’s highest averaged restaurant sales in 10 years.

Brand: Subway
Client: Subway
Agency: Dentsu Creative
Language: English

Color Yourself Into The World

Humans are genetically driven to belong, yet since the inception of the U.S., skin tone has continually & wrongly been a deciding factor for who gets to “belong”.   As a result, countless have been left out. This is particularly damaging for children, who feel invisible when they grow up in a world where they are not represented.   With the Colors of the World (COTW) launch and #TrueSelfie campaign, we enabled children to access a power they had long been denied – the ability to accurately color themselves into the world. 

Brand: Crayola
Client: Crayola
Agency: Dentsu Creative
Language: English

NHS Covid-19 App Launch: Saving lives with an app

It would literally have been a crying shame if the NHS Covid-19 app launch had not been successful. As ever these days, there were plenty of people happy to cast doubt on the technology & peddle conspiracy theories. Yet here was technology that could genuinely make a difference by isolating cases & preventing forward infection…as long as we could overcome the widespread negativity. We would get just one shot at the launch. By understanding people’s underlying motivation & leveraging behavioural science, we more than doubled the download level of other countries. This directly prevented 594,000 infections & 8,700 deaths.

Brand: DHSC, NHS Test and Trace & HM Government
Client: Cabinet Office
Agency: MullenLowe London
Language: English

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