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Strepsils Stereo

While music is the pulse of the Pakistan’s youth and is being exploited by global brands with big-budget platforms, there exists little-to-no functional connect between brand and  platform. Amid this content clutter, no brand had a more direct connect with singing than throat-soothing lozenges. So, we got rid of the instruments to focus on what was relevant to our Brand: VOICE. Rather than latching onto an existing trend, we collaborated with a leading artist/label to launch Pakistan’s first Acapella music platform which racked up 14.3 Mn views by Q3 2018

Brand: Strepsils
Client: Reckitt Benckiser
Agency: Adcom Zenith
Language: English

Aao TB Mitao

Considered incurable and odious for decades in Pakistan, the seriousness of TB was never discussed on a mass level before. The 360-degree campaign launched as a movement, dared to de-stigmatize the disease, spread awareness of its extremity and how it could be eliminated through a timely treatment. Deliberate fear was created to take its symptoms seriously and getting it checked with specialized TB mobile-vans. This campaign has not only managed to unearth an issue nationwide, it also made the public an active part of this movement.

Brand: Aao TB Mitao
Client: The Indus Hospital
Agency: Manhattan Communications (Pvt) Ltd
Language: English


For the first time in Pakistan, an organization was tapping into the opportunity of regulating the highly unorganized form of donations given daily in the name of Sadqa. A mobile-based solution was developed for harnessing these donations, and by spreading awareness through the campaign donations received in the name of sadqa doubled compared to the previous year. Just as significant, the amount of pledges for monthly donations all the year round increased to 5000.

Brand: SKMCH
Client: Shaukat Khanum Memorial Cancer Hospital and Research Centre
Agency: Adcom
Language: English

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