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PPK tem cheiro de PPK

A campaign that reinforces the importance of Gino-Canesten, a global leader in the category, continuing to provide information that helps consumers to break free from shame and discomfort. The message #PPKSmellsLikePPK sheds light on one of the main symptoms of Bacterial Vaginosis, which is the change in the natural smell of the vagina. In the campaign, Sabrina Sato returns as the spokesperson for the movement to launch Gino-Canesten Balance®, using an ease, direct, and educational language, inviting everyone to speak openly and without shame about their intimate health.

Brand: Gino-Canesten Balance
Client: Bayer Brasil
Agency: Mullen Lowe Brasil
Language: Spanish

Día postergado

Las mujeres tendían a postergar sus mamografías anuales poniendo en riesgo su salud y la ventaja de una detección temprana: 3 de cada 10 en edad de riesgo no se realizaban sus mamografías anuales y 2 de cada 10 mujeres mayores de 40 años nunca se las habían realizado. Con un abordaje innovador nos aliamos con más de 30 ONGs y pospusimos el día de Cáncer de mama por 13 días, logrando evidenciar la principal barrera de la detección temprana, aumentar +287% las mamografías y +280% los turnos reservados.

Brand: Lalcec
Client: LALCEC
Agency: Grey Argentina S.A.
Language: Spanish


To bring its purpose of “giving every child the best start in life”, Babyshop took on coloudblindness among UAE’s children. We based our thinking on a truth: We can learn about children while they play, so what if we identified colourblindness through play (vs worry-inducing medical environments)? And we created: THE COLOURCHECK PENCIL SET. A double-sided multi-coloured pencil set to identify colourblindness in the early years. Distributed across schools and Babyshop stores, multi-coloured pencil sets became tools for parents to identify if a child was colourblind.

Brand: Babyshop
Client: Babyshop - Landmark Group
Agency: Publicis Groupe - Publicis Middle East (United Arab Emirates)
Language: English

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