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Noah's Ark Nurse Recruitment

Noah’s Ark Children’s Hospice faced a huge challenge at the start of 2022. They urgently needed to hire five specialist paediatric nurses, to provide vital care services. But there was a nationwide nursing shortage. And caring for a child who is seriously unwell calls for a nurse-in-a-million.
We needed to attract nurses with the right motivation who also wanted to become part of The Ark family. Convincing them that Noah’s Ark was a uniquely rewarding place to work.
The campaign succeeded, driving record interest with website traffic up 243% and over 180 enquiries, resulting in 8 new nurses hired.

Brand: Noah's Ark Children’s Hospice
Client: Noah’s Ark Children’s Hospice
Agency: OLIVER
Language: English

Strepsils Stereo

While music is the pulse of the Pakistan’s youth and is being exploited by global brands with big-budget platforms, there exists little-to-no functional connect between brand and  platform. Amid this content clutter, no brand had a more direct connect with singing than throat-soothing lozenges. So, we got rid of the instruments to focus on what was relevant to our Brand: VOICE. Rather than latching onto an existing trend, we collaborated with a leading artist/label to launch Pakistan’s first Acapella music platform which racked up 14.3 Mn views by Q3 2018

Brand: Strepsils
Client: Reckitt Benckiser
Agency: Adcom Zenith
Language: English

Aao TB Mitao

Considered incurable and odious for decades in Pakistan, the seriousness of TB was never discussed on a mass level before. The 360-degree campaign launched as a movement, dared to de-stigmatize the disease, spread awareness of its extremity and how it could be eliminated through a timely treatment. Deliberate fear was created to take its symptoms seriously and getting it checked with specialized TB mobile-vans. This campaign has not only managed to unearth an issue nationwide, it also made the public an active part of this movement.

Brand: Aao TB Mitao
Client: The Indus Hospital
Agency: Manhattan Communications (Pvt) Ltd
Language: English

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