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Acura Type S Launch Campaign—”Chiaki’s Journey”

“Chiaki’s Journey,” a four-part anime series, challenged the conventions of excessive sheet metal and horsepower one-upmanship in the premium performance auto category. Leveraging Acura’s unique Japanese heritage, the campaign captured consumers’ imaginations and delivered results throughout the marketing ecosystem. TypeS Awareness +10% pointsTypeS Favorability +6% pointsCampaign Appeal/Salience/Persuasion > 90%Increased Qualified Shopping Activity +29%TLX TypeS mix = 22%MDX TypeS mix = 42% It was also a halo for Acura with brand consideration improving 14% points in Q1 2022.

Brand: Acura
Client: American Honda Motor Company
Agency: MullenLowe US
Language: English

Scary Fast

To unveil Ford's first-ever F-150 Raptor R, we created an “R-rated” campaign that revealed the truck-- not like a typical launch film-- but instead through a short horror film, called "SCARY FAST." We wanted to grab people’s attention by triggering the fear they’d feel driving a Raptor R.

Brand: Ford Raptor R
Client: Ford Motor Company
Agency: Wieden & Kennedy NY
Language: English

Hyundai Sonata “Smaht Pahk”

Amid a declining midsize sedan segment, Hyundai needed to launch their all-new Sonata while making in-roads on profitability and share. We saw an opportunity to move beyond the quality, dependability and reliability that drives the category and make technology the star with Sonata’s class-exclusive Remote Smart Parking Assist. By simplifying the feature to “Smart Park” and adding a memorable, heavy Boston accent, “Smaht Pahk” was a wicked powerful way to drive recall, search and ultimately, profitable market share gains.

Brand: Hyundai Motor America
Client: Hyundai Motor America
Language: English

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