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Lexus IS: All In On Obsession

A boomer-dependent luxury brand in need of a youth infusion, a luxury sedan segment being annihilated by luxury utility vehicles, and a single-minded sport sedan tasked with nearly doubling sales and attracting an outsized-share of Millennials during a pandemic. What could go right? Lots. By connecting the unapologetic obsession our audience had for their passions with Lexus’ fanatical obsession with a pure sport sedan experience, sales increased 96%, IS reclaimed leadership in segment consideration with a 25% increase, and reclaimed segment leadership in share of Millennials with a 43% increase. 

Brand: Lexus
Client: Lexus
Agency: Team One
Language: English

Hyundai Sonata “Smaht Pahk”

Amid a declining midsize sedan segment, Hyundai needed to launch their all-new Sonata while making in-roads on profitability and share. We saw an opportunity to move beyond the quality, dependability and reliability that drives the category and make technology the star with Sonata’s class-exclusive Remote Smart Parking Assist. By simplifying the feature to “Smart Park” and adding a memorable, heavy Boston accent, “Smaht Pahk” was a wicked powerful way to drive recall, search and ultimately, profitable market share gains.

Brand: Hyundai Motor America
Client: Hyundai Motor America
Language: English

Atraxión Total

Atraxión Total, un reality show creado para dar a conocer y generar interacción con Chevrolet Trax; invitaba al target a enamorar a la Trax con la posibilidad de salir montado en ella. Una manera muy distinta de promocionar un vehículo pero que resultó altamente efectiva y costo-eficiente.Las ventas fueron tales que se vendió todo el inventario de su modelo más popular.

Brand: Chevrolet Trax
Client: Santo Domingo Motors
Agency: Ogilvy
Language: Spanish

2023_la_2023_e-3567-149_hero_1 FORD BRONCO RODEO CITY
2023_us_2023_e-8041-455_hero_1 Chrysler #VanLife for #RealLife
2023_us_2023_e-7855-680_hero_1 Hyundai Motor America IONIQ 5 "Evolves" EV

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