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FAW-VW T-Roc: Step into Stories

FAW-VW T-ROC launched in the summer of 2018, targeting at young generation and featuring 4 MOTION all-wheel drive. For eighty years since the emergence of SUV, where could people venture except for driving over mountains and coasts? Research indicated that young people preferred to escape from pressure by devoting to habits, shows and books. T-ROC “Step into Stories” campaign took people to the classic scenes of stories. Collaborating with Mafengwo, we opened the route towards shooting sites and story origins for people to experience. Cooperating with Kindle, we secured popular IP copyright at ultra-low cost. The advertising targeted to forums, series fans and other circles. On the launch day, the number of test-drive online booking exceeded forecast, contributing to sales conversion. T-ROC realized both communication and sales boost. Surpassed beyond the competitor brand who talked big stories, T-ROC accompanied people to go beyond the common, and step into stories.

Agency: Hylink Beijing
Language: Mandarin

No More Accident for the Family

The auto market is saturated with safety technology. How does the Volkswagen stand out? We have learned that people only pay attention to safety features when they face death. But how can a brand discuss about death without causing fears or moreover, creating warmth? We found a family with the most experience of death - the crash test dummies. They tested the Volkswagen's safety technology themselves, no more car crash, and back to their ordinary life. The result, the number of test drive appointment was much higher than expected, and the sales growth was higher than the market growth rate during the same period.

Brand: Volkswagen
Client: Audi Volkswagen Taiwan Co., Ltd
Agency: Ogilvy Taiwan
Language: Mandarin

Subaru Crosstrek - Amazon Infiltration

Getting on the list of new car buyers is paramount to any successful auto campaign. And most automotive advertising to attract these buyers and get on their shopping lists happens on 3rd party endemic automotive shopping websites like Cars and Edmunds.com. However, throwing more money at these sites has a point of diminishing returns; and Subaru simply couldn’t afford to keep throwing money at the same group of shoppers. They needed to create a new way of achieving the same lead-driving metrics while also attracting like-minded shoppers to the brand.

Brand: Subaru
Client: Subaru of America
Agency: Carmichael Lynch
Language: English

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2023_us_2023_e-7855-680_hero_1 Hyundai Motor America IONIQ 5 "Evolves" EV

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