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Quarancuts Virtual Hair School

This is the story of a barbershop, called Barba, that prevailed over the pandemic by reinventing the haircutting experience. After noticing photos of botched haircuts flooding the Internet, Barba introduced Quarancuts Virtual Hair School: Complimentary, one-on-one guided haircuts with founder, Xavier Cruz, hosted on IGTV. On a mere $5K budget, Quarancuts garnered 2.4B press impressions, boosted website traffic by 823% and grew Instagram followers by 32%—all during the worst business climate of our lifetime.

Brand: Barba Men’s Grooming Boutique
Client: Barba Men’s Grooming Boutique
Agency: Terri & Sandy
Language: English

Holiday - 50 gifts

Brand: Ralph Lauren
Client: Ralph Lauren
Agency: Zenith
Language: French

It's Time to #AxThePinkTax

We grew sales at European Wax Center by 33% vs. year ago against the backdrop of a flat category typically driven by cost and convenience. We did this by connecting a core attribute of our beauty brand, confidence, to a cause we believe in: The Pink Tax, a premium charged by companies for the “female” versions of products. According to a study done by the City Of New York, this premium can be as high as 48% for some basic beauty products.

Brand: European Wax Center
Client: European Wax Center
Agency: Pereira O'Dell
Language: English

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