Fresh, packaged and frozen foods both regular and diet/light.



AlphaFoods Class Action Lawsuit

Taste is the #1 barrier to trying plant-based. Americans simply don't want to believe that something made from veggies can taste like meat. But Alpha’s meat alternatives really do. To prove that our products were truly indistinguishable from the real thing, we did the unthinkable - we invited ‘accidental’ vegans, who had been unwittingly duped by Alpha into becoming plant-lovers, to sue us for damages by joining a Class Action Lawsuit. The campaign generated 27% increase in sales, 218M impressions, a 10X increase in search and 7X increase in web-traffic..

Brand: Alpha Foods
Client: Alpha Foods
Agency: Mischief@NoFixedAddress Inc.
Language: English

From Food To Mood: How Velveeta Won a New Generation

After a century on shelf, Velveeta’s brand power had faded. Private label pricing and new better-for-you brands made it harder than ever to sustain sales and relevance. Velveeta needed a breakthrough creative approach to find fresh cultural currency and get cash registers ringing. By moving the brand from nostalgic food to bold mood, positioning Velveeta as an outrageous pleasure lifestyle, we attracted a new generation of customers, boosted category dollar share and created waves of impact in youth subcultures like beauty, fashion and nightlife.

Brand: Velveeta
Client: Velveeta
Agency: Johannes Leonardo
Language: English

Mayo Tackles Food Waste

The mayonnaise category and Hellmann’s experienced sales decline. While America knows and loves Hellmann’s, it often only comes to mind as a condiment for making sandwiches tasty. We defined a new, meaningful role for the brand – Hellmann’s as an ingredient to reduce food waste, an ingredient to transform disparate, leftover ingredients into delicious dishes. We used the second largest day of food waste, Super Bowl, as the campaign platform. The result: +16.8% sales lift while motivating 71% to reduce food waste at home.

Brand: Hellmann's Best Foods
Client: Unilever (United States)
Language: English

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