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AlphaFoods Class Action Lawsuit

Taste is the #1 barrier to trying plant-based. Americans simply don't want to believe that something made from veggies can taste like meat. But Alpha’s meat alternatives really do. To prove that our products were truly indistinguishable from the real thing, we did the unthinkable - we invited ‘accidental’ vegans, who had been unwittingly duped by Alpha into becoming plant-lovers, to sue us for damages by joining a Class Action Lawsuit. The campaign generated 27% increase in sales, 218M impressions, a 10X increase in search and 7X increase in web-traffic..

Brand: Alpha Foods
Client: Alpha Foods
Agency: Mischief@NoFixedAddress Inc.
Language: English

How a brand of mini stature beat the major players with cheesy humour

By creating the Crédit Mutuel family saga at a time when French people tended to be indifferent or even suspicious about banks, we wanted the Crédit Mutuel model to be an efficient and desirable alternative in the banking sector: being a customer of a bank which belongs to you, it changes the relationship with the bank. A resounding success because 12 years later, Crédit Mutuel is the French consumers’ favourite bank, yet only the fifth largest media budget in the sector. (Kantar Media, 2022)

Brand: Mini Cheddars
Client: Pladis
Agency: TBWA London
Language: English

Love Your Gut

‘Love Your Gut’ by Dutchie Yoghurt proved to drive a bigger purpose on the most overlooked health, the Gut Health, admist the rising trend of functional food. The campaign strategically makes the matter easy to digest by ‘metaphor-ing’ how we take care of Gut to the familiar behavior of e-commerce… a delivery that never arrives. In the end, a new health agenda of ‘loving your gut before anything’ was formed, with outstanding results of surpassing KPI by 56% and closing the gap by turning from an irrelevant flavorful snack to functional food.

Brand: Dutchie
Client: Dutch Mill
Agency: Ogilvy Bangkok

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