Commerce & Shopper: Single-Retailer Program- Mass Merchants

For campaigns that ran with a tailored, retailer-specific idea and excecuted that idea at a single retail mass merchant chain.



SelfieSTIX: Making it easier to get close-ups with your dog

Dentastix was in a fight against copycat products. And it was losing. So we changed the fight. Instead of competing over price or how well Dentastix cleans tartar versus, we appealed to dog owners’ emotions. We created SelfieSTIX (a treat clip that attaches to your phone to get your dog’s attention) and Dentastix Studios (an app that puts Snapchat-like filters on your dogs’ faces to create the best photos). As a result, we sold out at Target during our 10-week activation and experienced the largest spike in sales since 2015.

Brand: Pedigree Dentastix
Client: Mars Petcare
Agency: BBDO New York
Language: English

Axe Start His Journey

Axe nationally targeted an older teen. At Walmart, this left a void for our core mom shopper and sales suffered as she felt Axe wasn’t right for her younger son just entering puberty. So, we did something radical, spoke directly to gatekeeper mom at Walmart with the objective of driving incremental sales. We used a targeted Omni-channel approach beating all benchmarks of engagement and more than doubling our sales growth goal. Axe and Walmart became the Walmart Mom’s trusted partners to Start His Journey.

Brand: Axe
Client: Unilever
Agency: Team Unilever Shopper
Language: English

Colgate Save Water at Walmart

Colgate needed to capture the attention of Walmart customers shopping for toothpaste on autopilot and convince them to buy higher margin products. In 2016, Walmart had launched Project Gigaton, inviting suppliers to join them in reducing greenhouse emissions by 1 Gigaton by 2030. Colgate embraced this challenge and offered value-focused Walmart shoppers a way to help the environment without paying extra: turning off the tap while brushing their teeth. The campaign resulted in a sales growth for premium Colgate products and saved up to 1.2 billion gallons of water.

Brand: Colgate
Client: Colgate-Palmolive
Agency: Geometry
Language: English

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