Commerce & Shopper: Single-Retailer Program- Mass Merchants

For campaigns that ran with a tailored, retailer-specific idea and excecuted that idea at a single retail mass merchant chain.



Cheerios Moments of Good

By using the scale of retail brands like Walmart and Cheerios to bring goodness and infectious positive energy into the world, while surprising shoppers with random acts of goodness, the Moments of Good program proves that freely sharing goodness and happiness can not only delight shoppers, improve engagement and drive a 16% sales list on participating products; it can also lift the entire Walmart cereal category 1.45%

Brand: Cheerios
Client: General Mills
Agency: Shopperworks
Language: English

The Force of Love

The aging population caused lots of social issues and it has been jeopardizing the disadvantaged elderly in Taiwan. 7-ELEVEN has long been concerned about the disadvantaged elders and want to call out to the young generation to donate positively, improve the quality of disadvantaged elderly’s life. In order to put 7-ELEVEN's ideal into practice, the creative team comes up with an idea, “Senior social issues are like monsters, we call out to all youngsters to go full hands on to beat them down!”. And created the world's first “The Force of Love” donation box. Incarnating 10 most serious social issues of the elderly as 10 monsters and combined with the unique shaped donation box. Ordinary donation suddenly became extraordinary. Instead of putting coins in the donation box, people need to use both of their arms to wrestle
with the monsters. Thus, people are not simply donating their money, but at the same time, they are positively defeating the social issues. This
certainly attracted young generation to challenge, greatly increasing the frequency of donations and also inspired the young generation to pay more attention to the social issues of the elderly. They have also highly recognized the determination of 7-ELEVEN to actively improve the issue of lonely society.

Brand: 7-ELEVEN Taiwan CSR
Client: 7-ELEVEN
Language: Mandarin

Rhythm of Love Wall

We consider how to create an unique and interesting experience for the CSR program for 7-ELEVEN which owns the most convenience stores in Taiwan to attract people? We found a strong reason to believe – convenience store are the easiest and common place for loose change to happen. Hence, we created the “Rhythm of Love Wall” donation box. In order to show our gratitude to donators, we develop every pair of hands to produce authentic clapping sound and motion like real human hand. Idea: Every coin donated with love deserves a loving encouragement. People will receive a different applause each time when they insert coins. This not only gives a direct gratitude for their good deeds, at the same time, people could feel the joy of being encouraged. It makes them want to give more!

Brand: 7-ELEVEN Taiwan CSR
Client: Uni-President
Language: Mandarin

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