Communication efforts eligible for this award must be for a single brand idea running across multiple countries.




The MasterCard Multinational case study is the archetypal "underdog overcomes adversity" story - in which the challenger leverages and extends a powerful branding idea in order to flourish in the face of adversity. Following a decade in which MasterCard was buffeted by growing share of its key competitor and lack of marketing support in local markets, MasterCard since has succeeded in reversing the tide. As a result of the Priceless campaign, MasterCard today continues to enjoy unprecedented brand and business momentum with a singular global campaign in 101 countries around the world.

Brand: MasterCard
Client: MasterCard Worldwide
Agency: McCann Erickson
Language: English

iPod Silhouettes

iPod was being touted as the device that would change the way we listen to music, yet the average consumer still assumed it was merely for celebrities or tech heads. Our objective was to create a campaign that celebrated the iconic status of iPod, but simultaneously invited all music lovers to the party. Ultimately opening up the brand to Mac and Windows users through a universal insight: iPod equaled freedom to listen to, move to and enjoy music in a new way. The campaign has found remarkable success. Today iPod is the universal icon of digital music and Apple has sold over 2 million iPods and counting.

Brand: Apple
Client: Apple Inc.
Agency: TBWA\Chiat\Day
Language: English

The New Z.

How to consolidate and define Nissan, a car brand that has had an up-and-down history? Use an aspirational, global tagline that speaks clearly to the audience and an iconic car that represents the pinnacle of the brand. This not only generated brand enthusiasm and clarity but translated into dramatic sales gains and loyalty for the entire line of vehicles.

Brand: Nissan
Client: Nissan North America
Agency: TBWA\Chiat\Day
Language: English

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