Communication efforts eligible for this award must be for a single brand idea running across multiple countries.



i'm lovin' it

Going into 2003, McDonald's business was slumping around the world. Brand relevance was fading; the company was losing its emotional connection with customers. A key factor in turning the business around was the development and implementation of a global advertising campaign, born out of McDonald's brand essence of enduring youthfulness, fun and vitality. The campaign not only conveyed a more contemporary attitude for McDonald's, it also revitalized customers' emotional connection, created more positive feelings about the brand and ultimately increased transactions and expanded sales.

Brand: McDonald's
Client: McDonald's Corporation
Agency: DDB Chicago
Language: English

Live Richly

Citi needed to build its brand effectively, consistently and globally. The universal truth that ___there's more to life than money__ appealed to a large segment of consumers regardless of nationality or demographic. Coming from a bank, this message was unexpected, leading to advertising that easily crossed borders, built a stronger brand connection with consumers and ultimately grew the business in every country in which it was executed.

Brand: Citi
Client: Citigroup Inc.
Agency: Fallon Worldwide
Language: English

407 Launch - Let's talk about cars again

In order to make car lovers proud again, the strategy was to reactivate the fundamental values of the automobile by making 407 the standard-bearer of an automobile revival. The idea is based on the proposition of returning to traditional values of the car and reverse the outlook of the market. The creative concept was "Playtime is over": In a world where cars look like multicolored toys, great fun and entertaining, you prefer a real car - the new Peugeot 407.

Agency: Euro RSCG Worldwide
Language: English

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2014_100027_hero_1 Cisco Systems Tomorrow Starts Here: Giving Cisco Purpose Again

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