Effie Italy, run by our partners, ASSOCOM (Associazione aziende di comunicazione) and UPA (Utenti Pubblicità Associati), honors effective marketing communications across Italy.

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Program Announcement

Effie Worldwide Announces Effie Awards Italy

September 18, 2018 -- Effie Worldwide is pleased to announce the arrival of the Effie Awards Italy, organized in partnership with the ASSOCOM (Associazione aziende di comunicazione)and UPA (Utenti Pubblicità Associati).
Effie Worldwide is the global champion of marketing effectiveness, led by its signature initiative, the Effie Awards, which have recognized and celebrated marketing effectiveness since 1968. Effie Italy joins Effie Worldwide’s international network as its 51st program (46 national programs, 4 regional programs, and 1 global program)...
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