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What Number is Smaller—80 or 64?

ABInBev was set to launch Bud Light Next—a 0 carb beer in development for 10 years, which had the potential to forever change light beer—during Super Bowl 2022. Meanwhile Miller64 was facing a multi-year downturn that was getting faster. We had to restart our momentum but were dramatically outspent. So, we got scrappy and hired a mathematician to prove that—yes, 64 is smaller than 80. This simple math sparked a surge in awareness, sales velocity and impressions. We bead Bud Light Next at their own game—without a Big Game-sized investment.

Brand: Miller64
Client: Molson Coors Beverage Company
Agency: Mischief @ No Fixed Address
Language: English

Games are the new bars

How to enter the gamer universe without looking like another brand trying to be "gamer"? Listening to the protagonists of this story: the players themselves. We discovered a true insight: 67% feels judged and labeled as antisocial. To break this stereotype, we turned the most popular games in Brazil into bars, showing that games are also places for meetings and socializing. We went beyond the virtual world in a campaign that connected the online and offline for gamers and non-gamers and brought incredible results in sales for the brand.

Brand: Heineken
Client: Heineken Brasil
Agency: Le Pub Brasil
Language: English

95 Cals Bar

Michelob Ultra tenía el objetivo de demostrar la superioridad de su producto. En una categoría tan competitiva como la nuestra, era necesario encontrar una manera fresca de hacerlo para captar la atención de la audiencia y lograr que entendiera nuestros beneficios de la manera más tangible. En un contexto donde todas las marcas saludables hablan de lo mismo, descubrimos que nadie sabe realmente cómo se ven las calorías. Por eso, creamos una campaña acompañada del primer bar en el mundo donde todo tiene las mismas calorías que una Michelob Ultra.  

Brand: Michelob Ultra
Client: AB InBev (Mexico)
Agency: GUT Mexico City
Language: Spanish

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