Beverages - Alcohol

Beer, champagne, liquor, wine, wine coolers, etc.



A drunk love story

With a love story, We put RIO's five products into different stages of secret love (secret, investigation, fantasy, detection, and understanding), echoing the careful thoughts in the secret love. The video went online for two days, and the playback volume exceeded 20 million. Then KOL followed up, and with this second wave of help, the video played more than 30 million in a week!

Brand: RIO
Client: Shanghai Bacchus Limited Company
Agency: Goodzilla

RIP to your old cuba

Brand: Kraken Ghost
Client: Casa Cuervo
Agency: Flock Advertising linked by Isobar

Nido Journey

Brand: Nido
Client: Nestlé
Agency: McCann Panamá

2019_co_2019_e-142-322_hero_1 HENDRICK´S GIN La Hora Del Té Ahora Es Una (Té)Rapia Victoriana
2019_co_2019_e-552-088_hero_1 Cervezas La Plata No Crece En Los Árboles Pero Si En Los Buenos Negocios
2019_co_2019_e-572-634_hero_1 BUDWEISER "Damas Y Caballeros, El Rey Está Aquí".

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