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Shockingly Responsible

To younger drinkers (21-34) who’d missed out the brand’s heyday in the 90s and 2000s, Absolut was just another party vodka on the shelf. But, appealing directly to this generation’s increasingly responsible drinking habits, we turned “Drink Responsibly” from a generic industry disclaimer to a GenZ aspiration for social good. By getting the audience to notice and connect with Absolut vodka in this way, we turned around years of consecutive volume decline into a turnaround year of 10% volume growth.

Brand: Absolut
Client: Pernod Ricard
Agency: BBH APAC
Language: English

Revitalizing the Spirit of Generosity

As whisky grows, Crown Royal set out to modernize the brand and capture a new and radically diverse generation of drinkers. Born as a premium gift for royalty, Crown Royal redefined status and wealth building on the insight - It's not what you have, it's what you give and how you give it. The 360 campaign was a roaring success in recruiting the next generation who believes live generously and life will treat you royally.

Brand: Crown Royal Whisky
Client: Diageo North America
Agency: Anomaly
Language: English

I'm Drinking it For You

Low-carb beers offer a distinct functional benefit – lower carbs. But while other New Zealand beer brands were making a song and dance about how few carbs their beers had, DB Export Gold went and made an actual song to launch their new low-carb beer. A love song to be exact. Not only did the beer become the number one NPD beer launch of 2019, the campaign turned the act of drinking a beer into a selfless gesture of love.

Brand: DB Export
Client: DB Breweries
Agency: Colenso BBDO
Language: English

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