Communications promoting specific products or services related to insurance and the capabilities of financial institutions offering these services.  



We Know From Experience Campaign

Even insurers don’t want to talk about insurance, spending their enormous budgets on gimmicky advertising.  We had to breakthrough the noise, and with a budget nearly 10 times less than competitors.  We found a way to differentiate via our insurance expertise. The “We Know From Experience” campaign showed real, unbelievable claims Farmers Insurance has experienced. We brought 30 different claims to life, and gave caution-minded customers a reason to trust that Farmers could help cover them. The position stood out, with the Experience campaign bringing people to Farmers. 

Brand: Farmers Insurance
Client: Farmers Insurance
Agency: RPA

Guiding light for your life

Brand: Janashakthi
Client: Janashakthi Insurance PLC
Agency: BBDO Lanka

First car bumper

LINK4 fights the lack of engagement, boredom, unattractive product, well founded competition and lack of credibility. Brand’s communication is based on breaking the standards and discrediting cliches of the category. This approach enabled the brand to become TOP 3 of most recognizable brands in 2016, gaining 7% of awareness growth and 37% of sales, upon only 8% growth of the whole market. The overall success is even more spectacular as reached with smaller budget comparing to recent years.

Brand: Link4
Client: Link4
Agency: Brasil

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