Communications promoting specific products or services related to insurance and the capabilities of financial institutions offering these services.  



First time homeowner? You’re probably experiencing Parentamorphosis.

For more than a decade, Progressive has been synonymous with Flo and discount car insurance. We developed a campaign that would launch a product to an audience we’d never gone after before, inside one of the most competitive categories there is, among rivals who’ve spent decades and billions of dollars promoting home insurance. It worked. We needed an insight that would go right at our young audience—that buying your first home turns you into your mom and dad—and the creative platform to bring that to life: Parentamorphosis.

Brand: Progressive
Client: Progressive Insurance
Agency: Arnold Worldwide
Language: English

Young God – serious illnesses

Prudential, brand associated mainly with saving insurance, had a strategic goal to communicate its wider offer and to increase sales in the 2nd key segment, protective life insurance. We wanted to reach a carefree and over optimistic urban middle class – who do not think that anything could disrupt their perfect life. By using light hearted crossmedia campaign, we made the Young Gods to reflect on the fact that disease can ruin not only their health, but also home finances. We've exceeded all of our sales and awareness goals.

Brand: Prudential
Client: Prudential
Agency: Starcom
Language: Polish

We Know From Experience Campaign

Even insurers don’t want to talk about insurance, spending their enormous budgets on gimmicky advertising. We had to breakthrough the noise, and with a budget nearly 10 times less than competitors.  We found a way to differentiate via our insurance expertise. The “We Know From Experience” campaign showed real, unbelievable claims Farmers Insurance has experienced. We brought 30 different claims to life, and gave caution-minded customers a reason to trust that Farmers could help cover them. The position stood out, with the Experience campaign bringing people to Farmers. 

Brand: Farmers Insurance
Client: Farmers Insurance
Agency: RPA
Language: English

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