Communications promoting specific products or services related to insurance and the capabilities of financial institutions offering these services.  



Through mother's eyes.

When facing shrinking category and TG's resistance to insurance, we changed the strategy. We resigned TV, focusing on potentially more effective digital. Our challenge was to interested Poles in insurance, maintaining sales and market shares from 2016. Goal was particularly ambitious, considering budget being 4 times smaller. Thanks to emotional communication and precise targeting, we got out of category's blinds. During campaign, we sold nearly half of the policies more comparing to previous year. 46% jump in GWP in Q4 translated into 24% increase y/y, 10 times higher than categories'.

Brand: Nationale-Nederlanden Polska
Client: Nationale-Nederlanden
Agency: DDB&tribal
Language: Polish

Guiding light for your life

Brand: Janashakthi
Client: Janashakthi Insurance PLC
Agency: BBDO Lanka
Language: English

First car bumper

LINK4 fights the lack of engagement, boredom, unattractive product, well founded competition and lack of credibility. Brand’s communication is based on breaking the standards and discrediting cliches of the category. This approach enabled the brand to become TOP 3 of most recognizable brands in 2016, gaining 7% of awareness growth and 37% of sales, upon only 8% growth of the whole market. The overall success is even more spectacular as reached with smaller budget comparing to recent years.

Brand: Link4
Client: Link4
Agency: Brasil
Language: Polish

2020_us_2020_e-5507-305_hero_1 State Farm Here to Help Life Go Right
2018_na_2018_e-3037-553_hero_1 American Family Insurance American Family Insurance
2017_pl_2017_80_hero_1 Prudential YOUNG GOD

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