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The More the Merrier: ALDI's Christmas invite that opened up Aussie hearts, minds and wallets

ALDI knows how to make miracles happen at Christmas, transforming what should be our most vulnerable time of year as a discount supermarket into the most successful period for the business each year. This is the story of how we unlocked new momentum and cultural resonance by celebrating Aussie generosity at Christmas, despite being up against unforeseen market forces in the lead up to Christmas. The campaign was ALDI’s most effective Christmas campaign to date.

Brand: Aldi Australia
Client: Aldi
Agency: BMF
Language: English

Good Different Phase 2: Questioning the cult of Loyalty

ALDI is proudly Good Different. In the past our highly effective brand platform has been used to demystify how we help shoppers save. However, in a world of high low pricing and shiny loyalty rewards cards offered by our competitors, true value is becoming harder and harder for shoppers to decode. This is the story of how Good Different helped us take on the misleading and minimal benefits offered by these ‘saving schemes’ and cement ALDI as the value leader in the category.

Brand: Aldi Australia
Client: Aldi
Agency: BMF
Language: English

Ponte en sus Zapatos

En el Día de la Mujer, para llamar la atención sobre sus descuentos, Jumbo se dirigió a los hombres; los retó a ponerse en los zapatos de las mujeres y hacer su compra en tacones a cambio de un 20% de descuento adicional en toda su compra. Fue tanto el buzz que se generó que las ventas en la categoría en oferta, superaron los objetivos por más de 400% y aumentaron considerablemente las ventas de toda la tienda, hasta de lo que no estaba en oferta.

Brand: Jumbo
Client: Centro Cuesta Nacional (CCN)
Agency: Ogilvy
Language: Spanish

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