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Winning Christmas by getting a carrot to talk turkey

Aldi was faced with a challenge: to convince shoppers that despite its low prices Aldi has what it takes for a special Christmas. We discovered that winning the turkey battle is key to winning Christmas and spoke loud and proud about Aldi's turkeys from the get-go to get Aldi on shoppers' consideration lists. Brand spokesman Kevin the Carrot returned to walk shoppers through Aldi's Christmas range; from turkey right through to dessert. Aldi was the fastest growing supermarket at Christmas 2018, whilst increasing shopper loyalty, penetration (and turkey sales!).

Brand: Aldi UK & Ireland
Client: Aldi Stores
Agency: McCann UK
Language: English

Who said Men Don’t Cry?

With every fast food joint in KSA offering a spicy menu, Burger King had to steal focus when launching its own: a fiery menu making the manliest men tear up. So when Hilal, KSA’s #1 soccer club, lost the league, we challenged Saudi men’s masculinity by fake-hacking our Twitter account and posting the fiery question ‘When showering, do you cry?’, causing controversy in the Kingdom where men can’t cry, and breaking the Internet in the process. We then revealed our tear-inducing spicy menu, which was sold out soon after.

Brand: Burger King
Client: Burger King
Agency: J.Walter Thompson
Language: English

How one word changed EOFYTHING

The EOFY period is a huge retail event, yet those who have the most to gain from EOFY shopping (business owners) were not maximising the opportunity presented to them.
Officeworks took on the challenge of getting more business owners to reap the rewards of tax time, knowing that, as a non-discounter, they couldn’t compete with the shouty promotional deals that dominated the period. They instead reframed the EOFY opportunity in a way that left no doubt about the benefit of shopping at Officeworks.

Brand: Officeworks
Client: Officeworks
Agency: AJF GrowthOps was AJF Partnership
Language: English

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