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The Real Cost of Beauty is Greater Than You Think

While Dove has updated its brand idea to tackle a new wave of toxic beauty advice on social media, the results, which have been excellent for the brand, have not changed things enough for young girls.  The next phase of our ‘actionist’ strategy would require something bolder, attempting to advance legislative change.  The result was a campaign that sounded the alarm on the mental health crisis, provoking billions of views, thousands of petition signatures, another wave of commercial growth, and, bringing concrete legislative change a step closer.

Brand: Dove
Client: Dove, Unilever
Agency: Ogilvy UK & Ogilvy Toronto
Language: English

eos Brand Campaign

eos (evolution of smooth) wanted to revolutionize the dated shaving category and capture a new generation of young women. Polite, precious and utterly unhelpful, the category was ridiculously disconnected from a woman’s shaving reality. So, eos set out to get real about shaving and hair…everywhere. All inspired by what women actually need - on-going, honest, raw, fun, and useful conversations about shaving.

Brand: eos
Client: eos Products
Agency: Mischief @ No Fixed Address
Language: English

Dove Exposes 'Toxic Influence'

With our brand being questioned for the first time, and purposeful marketing under scrutiny, Dove decided to refresh and update its 20-year-old brand idea. As new threats to women and girls’ self-esteem grew on social media, we saw that taking action was our only option. Our campaign used Deepfake technology to disarm young girls and show them the true impact of the toxic beauty advice they receive from influencers. The result was a hugely effective campaigns, pushing our Brand Power to new highs and growing sales by 10%.

Brand: Dove
Client: UNILEVER (
Language: English

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