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POS Cepte (POS in your pocket) with Yapı Kredi

In 2021, the rate of carrying cash decreased due to the impact of the pandemic, and owning a POS device became important. However, in Türkiye, a large portion of the tradespeople didn’t have fixed POS because they’re doing mobile business, such as sellers in farmers’ markets, florists, taxi drivers etc. We set out to convince traditional tradespeople to use our digital POS device (POS CEPTE). Through our campaign we increased new customer acquisition by 53%. Furthermore, our TVC achieved the highest score among all industry-communications tested during the same period.

Brand: Yapı Kredi
Client: Yapı Kredi Bankası A.Ş.
Language: English

Evotor Smart Terminals Start Up for a New Audience

Evotor offers smart terminals with a cloud apps store since 2016. In 2018, the online cash register was made mandatory for trade and catering small businesses, previously exempted from using cash registers. To earn the loyalty of potential customers with minimal product knowledge, we launched a digital campaign based on audience buying and consistent communication. The task was 100% successful: entrepreneurs came to the sales points with a specific request for the Evotor terminal, and we showed the fastest growth in the market, just within 4 months 185 thousand devices have been sold — 19% of the total market size.

Brand: Evotor
Client: Evotor
Agency: JAMI
Language: English, Russian

Double protection

Kaspersky Lab has saved small and medium-sized businesses from viruses for 20 years. The brand obtained a stable market position; it caused stereotypes in the customers’ consciousness. We needed to turn the tide – to attract new clients and bring back those who switched to free antivirus versions during the crisis. We divided the audience to IT administrators and directors. Rational reasoning didn’t work; we brought up the painful points. The owners saw the recklessness of trusting the most valuable things to cheap anti-viruses. IT administrators understood that configuring an antivirus shows expertise. The sales grew even during the “quiet” months.

Brand: Kaspersky Lab RussiaCIS
Client: Kaspersky Lab Russia CIS
Agency: Voskhod
Language: English, Russian

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