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Office 365 in Business Bundle

The Telekom Business Client Campaign was intended to promote the digitization of micro and small enterprises and offered Office 365 as a product. It presented the story of small and medium-sized enterprises, which are in fact the foundation of the Slovenian economy, as 77% of Slovenia work there. Therefore Telekom Slovenije offers to facilitate the daily work of entrepreneurs and small businesses, helping them to do business safely and effectively, as confirmed by consumers who rated the advertisement above average on virtually all items, and other goals were successfully achieved.

Brand: Telekom Slovenije
Client: Telekom Slovenije, d.d.
Agency: Luna \TBWA
Language: Slovenian

Fortune Cat

Business Insurance is a product that our target audience saw as taboo, or at best, a necessary evil. Even then, UOB decided to advertise it for the first time. But instead of falling victim to category tropes, UOB took a different approach. By demonstrating a deep understanding of the mentality of small businesses, UOB repositioned Business Insurance into a culturally relevant purchase. Through a highly-targeted social video, UOB was able to drive awareness and consideration of UOB Business Insurance, ultimately delivering a 4-fold growth in leads for policies.

Client: UOB
Language: English

HP The Wolf

It’s time to rethink your office printer. “The Wolf,” a dramatic episodic series starring Christian Slater, exposes the many ways in which a hacker can bring down an organization through one of the most overlooked office devices: the printer. The campaign fundamentally shifted the perception of printer security and the HP brand among IT professionals and and brought declining industry B2B printer sales up by 6%.

Brand: HP
Client: HP
Agency: Giant Spoon
Language: English

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