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Consumer Lifetime Value Segmentation

Across J&J's portfolio of brands, we were challenged to drive incremental sales & ROI – and effectively acquiring new brand buyers was deemed the greatest opportunity. Through development and activation of brand specific Consumer Lifetime Value (CLV) models, we were able to identify those who looked like our most loyal buyers and drove staggering results – most notably exceeding the model driven profit expectations by 10x the amount, and in many cases driving ROIs at least 6x stronger than our non-CLV based audiences.

Brand: J&J Enterprise: Tylenol, Zyrtec, Neutrogena, OGX, Listerine, Aveeno, Clean & Clear
Client: Johnson & Johnson
Agency: UM
Language: English

Every Step Counts

With individual savings low and personal debt on the rise, people in the UAE struggle with their financial health. But physical health is also a struggle, with obesity rates being at an all-time high. So, combining health with wealth, Emirates NBD created an innovative media channel and initiative for people to improve their financial and physical health. Live experiences amplified the initiative and generated participation. We did something that no bank in the Middle East had done before and it resulted in more customers, with 36,000 people as active users.

Brand: Emirates NBD
Client: Emirates NBD
Agency: FP7 McCann Dubai
Language: English

Zak. Banking braucht nur noch ein Smartphone.

Die Bank Cler lanciert mit Zak das erste echte Mobile Banking der Schweiz. Ein herausforderndes Unterfangen für eine junge Bank, denn Schweizer Bankkunden sind äusserst wechselfaul. Die neuartige Herangehensweise integriert alle Stakeholder und richtet sie auf die effiziente Vermarktung aus. So entsteht eine fortlaufend optimierte und laufend effizienter werdende Kampagne, die Erfolg bringt. Zak hat weniger als zwei Jahre nach Lancierung bereits über 30'000 Kunden und übertrifft die Ziele damit klar.

Brand: Bank Cler Zak
Client: Bank Cler AG
Agency: Heimat Zürich GmbH
Language: German

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