Data-driven media is the application of data and technology to identify and match the right audiences to the right message at the right moments.



Don't miss summer

Zolla inspires people to take pleasure in the summer inspite of the weather in order to avoide falls in summer sales when bad weather holds people back from buying the spring-summer collection. With varying weather conditions from Moscow to Vladivostok. The campaign reached 18 million unique users vs the planned 10 000 000, 1 million transitions to the brand site vs planned 500 000. Compared to 2017 the falls in sales because of the weather were insignificant. 

Brand: Zolla
Client: Faktor LLC
Agency: SLAVA

Reactine Pollen Alerts Integrated Campaign

Reactine had #1 market share, but was under significant threat from aggressive competitors and new players entering the category. To fend off rivals and drive advantage, Reactine saw opportunity to better meet the needs of allergy sufferers by offering relief and utility in moments when it counted most. Reactine launched a multi-platform, data-driven Pollen Alerts Program that anticipated sufferers' needs and delivered real-time, dynamic, customized allergy messaging in high-receptivity environments. The program was phenomenal success, driving increased brand interest, strengthening Reactine’s #1 share position and widening the gap vs. competitors.

Brand: Reactine
Client: Johnson & Johnson Inc.
Agency: UM Canada

Lo que deseas, a un clic

El análisis de la data (cliente y nuestra) y la consecuente estrategia de programática, nos permitió generar miles de mensajes diferentes, personalizados en base a los intereses de los clientes, que llegaban en el momento exacto de necesidad. Con más de 4,000 formularios completados en línea, alcanzamos y superamos los objetivos asignado. Nuestra mejor campaña de préstamos a la fecha.

Brand: Banco Popular Dominicano
Client: Banco Popular Dominicano
Agency: Pagés BBDO

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