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Cover for their Overconfidence

Brand: RACV
Client: RACV
Agency: The Monkeys
Language: English

How reviving its original purpose reversed 8 years of decline for NRMA Insurance

When it comes to reviving your brand, its original purpose can be easily overlooked. This is an important reminder that sometimes it’s best to go back to your roots, and that exceptional value can be unlocked by reinterpreting what made your brand great to begin with. 
By embodying Australia’s national spirit of ‘Help’, NRMA Insurance reversed 8-years of declining customer numbers and reached customers for the first time since April 2014, despite a growing price premium. 

Brand: NRMA Insurance
Client: IAG
Agency: The Monkeys
Language: English

The 100 uses

Despite being the leader in the Petroleum Jelly segment, Vaseline was declining due to not converting from trial to usage and even though the product has over 100 uses, it tends to sit on a cupboard for ages. We had to educate consumers on the multiple uses of the product. For that, we created a data-driven campaign that targeted consumers based on their interests and presented to them 46 videos that tackle different uses. The brand increased sales by 12.6% and grew market share by 1.2% volume and 0.7% value.

Brand: Vaseline
Client: Unilever MENA
Agency: Wunderman Dubai
Language: English

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