Data-driven media is the application of data and technology to identify and match the right audiences to the right message at the right moments.



PSYCHIC SARAH TV series targeted pre-rolls

The digital campaign to promote series “Psychic Sarah” was based on the most topical consumers' insight – to search all the necessary information in online search engines. That's why our targeted communication, which catered for the users' real inquiries, resonated so well with our TA.

Client: TNT Broadcasting Network

Allergy tracker - pollen forecast based on AI

What to do if you are a brand-challenger in supercompetitive category of anti-allergy remedies, just entered the market with opportunity to communicate in media? Act outside the box, use modern technology and create value for the consumer - this is recipe for success! Flixonase ​​did that after transition from Rx to OTC. In the first year of media support, brand created a unique service: allergy forecast based on big data and artificial intelligence. The service enabled consumers to know in advance about allergies to come, and allowed the brand to declare itself and take strong position in the market!

Brand: Flixonase
Client: GSK Consumer Healthcare Russia
Agency: MediaCom

Liberating A Legacy Pancake Brand Beyond Breakfast

In 2018, IHOP seized the power of data to solve media’s greatest mystery. We reversed IHOP’s declining conversions by introducing four paths for growth. We translated these into communications missions and crafted high-value audiences for each. We then pushed further where most would have stopped; we leveraged our data stack to supercharge optimization with granular insights garnered via a one-of-a-kind closed-loop attribution model.

Brand: IHOP
Client: IHOP
Agency: Initiative

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