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The Loudest Call for Help

At-risk youth was one of the most problematic plights in the not-for-profit category. They were seen as delinquents underserving of support. And so, it was a plight the community had completely disengaged with. In reality, at-risk youth were survivors and the ultimate personification of an ‘underdog fighter’, a trope all Aussies inherently rally behind. Using an equally invisible aspect of our streets, public payphones, Whitelion staged the loudest CALL for help. Literally. The result? Direct engagement at scale, increased donations, and a change in the national conversation around at-risk youth.

Brand: Whitelion Youth
Client: Whitelion Youth
Agency: Ogilvy Sydney

Talkability, el ingrediente que le faltaba a McFlurry

Esta es la historia de como McDonald’s identificó y lanzó al mercado el sabor que hizo que porfin se rompa el techo de su postre más famoso: el McFlurry. Un helado que desde hace años no lograba crecimientos signicativos, ni sabores que le pusieran dinámismo a la categoría. Encontrar el ingrediente perfecto: las esquinas del Chocorramo, fue la oportunidad para hacer hablar al país y movilizar la venta histórica de más de 180.000 helados semanales, logrando un producto que amplio el consumo junto a los icónicos M&M y Oreo.

Brand: McDonald’s
Agency: DDB Colombia
Language: Spanish


In a campaign targeting individuals raised in repressive environments like the Soviet Union, where personal freedom was limited, a transformative initiative emerged. It championed critical media literacy and open dialogue to empower individuals to assess information critically, distinguish propaganda, and understand the Ukrainian conflict more deeply. Within just 3 weeks, the campaign significantly reduced neutrality and increased support for Ukraine, fostering a more informed and empathetic worldview among the target audience from repressive backgrounds.

Brand: OLX
Client: OLX Group Romania
Agency: Publicis Romania
Language: English

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