David vs. Goliath

This is an award for smaller, new or emerging brands making inroads against big, established leaders; taking on "sleeping giants;" or moving into a new product/service field beyond their current category and set of competitors.



FYS: menos azúcar y menos marketing

Desde 2019, FYS no existía para las personas en las góndolas. Frente al "marketing" gigante de Coca-Cola y Guaraná Antarctica, no era notada.  En un giro estratégico, FYS decidió abandonar las tácticas tradicionales de marketing de la categoría, reírse de sí y asumir su desventaja ante los gigantes. Contra todas las expectativas y con mucho menos presupuesto que la competencia, FYS conquistó la atención y un crecimiento desproporcionados comparados con su tamaño, demostrando que menos puede ser más.

Brand: FYS
Client: FYS
Agency: AlmapBBDO
Language: Spanish

The Hidden Room Collection

Challenge: There’s a disparity around the condition of domestic househelps’ living spaces and HomeBox had the opportunity to uplift those conditions. Insight: Of the favourite spaces that both homeowners and domestic househelps spoke out, one room remained hidden: The domestic househelps’ rooms. Idea: THE HIDDEN ROOM COLLECTION: A new collection enabling homeowners to make domestic househelps’ rooms into places that felt like home. Implementation: The world’s first furniture collection to elevate living conditions, promoted via an integrated strategy. Effectiveness: Uplifted living conditions of househelps, driving positive media value and sentiments.

Brand: HomeBox
Client: Home Box
Agency: Publicis Groupe - Leo Burnett Middle East (United Arab Emirates)
Language: English

Beam Suntory’s most successful launch ever

From summer ale to seltzer, “innovation” in the drinks industry usually just means jumping on the latest bandwagon. But not in the case of -196. This isn’t just the story of a new product, but a distinctive new brand that turned category convention on its head and turned Aussies onto an obscure shochu drink that was “big in Japan”, but unknown here. In one year, ‘Extreme Japanese Spirit’ helped -196 overtake ‘White Claw’, becoming the no.3 Light RTD with an ROI of $4.75: Beam Suntory Australia’s most successful launch ever.

Brand: -196.0
Client: Beam Suntory
Agency: The Monkeys Sydney

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