Media Innovation - Existing Channels

This award showcases those who have the insight and creativity to change the way a particular media channel is consumed. 



The Endless World of Air Max

As a brand facing significant disruption in their category, this campaign sought to re-establish Foot Locker as the authority in Nike Air Max, bringing sales back from other retail, direct channels, and secondary marketplaces. Tapping native behaviors of the sneakerhead subculture, we created an ever-evolving cultural hub on Google Slides, hosting events like livestreamed art sessions, Air Max Trivia, hidden prizes and more. The experience resulted in significant revenue growth vs 2019 despite projections of significant declines across the Nike Air Max category at Foot Locker.

Brand: Foot Locker
Client: Foot Locker
Agency: BBDO New York
Language: English

Swipe Night

Swiping on Tinder had become passive and mindless. We needed to give Gen Z a more meaningful reason to swipe. Enter Swipe Night, a first-of-its-kind interactive miniseries where instead of swiping on people, you enter a first-person POV, apocalyptic adventure where you swipe to make high-stakes, highly-revealing choices to survive. The choices reveal something about your personality and are used to pool you with users who made similar choices. The activation was a true cultural moment, recording 6.7 million total players and over 3.1 billion earned impressions.

Brand: Tinder
Client: Tinder
Agency: 72andSunny Los Angeles
Language: English

Michelob ULTRA Courtside: Game-Changing Innovation Changes the Game

When COVID-19 sent the 2020 season into a tailspin, Michelob ULTRA partnered with Microsoft and the NBA to reinvent live sports forever. While other leagues scrambled to install cardboard fan cutouts, Michelob ULTRA Courtside, powered by Microsoft’s AI-driven Together Mode, digitally immersed fans in the NBA Bubble… from home. Michelob ULTRA’s sales grew 32%, due to on-bottle, scan-to-win ticket promotions and soaring cultural relevance. 81.5 million hours of NBA coverage across 124 games and 13 billion impressions expanded brand reach 31% and made Courtside the #1 sports industry topic.

Brand: Michelob ULTRA
Client: Anheuser-Busch InBev
Agency: FCB New York
Language: English

2023_us_2023_e-8514-589_hero_1 Frosted Flakes Tony the Tiger on Twitch: The First Mascot Turned Streamer
2021_me_2021_e-6351-059_hero_1 Tide Tide #LaundryNight
2020_me_2020_e-4838-615_hero_1 Burger King Twitter Bait

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