Media Innovation - Existing Channels

This award showcases those who have the insight and creativity to change the way a particular media channel is consumed. 



Stop Traffick

Atlanta is the worst place in the US for child sex trafficking, an issue set to worsen in the run up to hosting the Super Bowl. However, child sex trafficking had fallen off people's radars and had lost its stopping power.  Through the symbolism of 72 buses, representing the number of children trafficked in Georgia each year, we reframed a space associated with safety, into a symbol no one could ignore. Stop Traffick galvanized Atlantans and policy makers around this horrific issue, leading to 169 arrests before Super Bowl LIII. 

Brand: Street Grace
Client: Street Grace
Agency: BBDO Atlanta
Language: English

Keeping Fortnite Fresh

When popular video game Fortnite announced a new game mode called Food Fight, Wendy’s found a way in: we destroyed in-game burger freezers alongside gamers for more than nine hours. We not only successfully entered the world of Fortnite, we changed it, as game developers removed burger freezers from Fortnite.

Brand: Wendy's
Client: Wendy's
Agency: VMLY&R
Language: English

Immigrant Songs - Taking Legal Advice Where No Immigration Lawyer Has Gone Before

Racial profiling. Unlawful arrests and incarcerations. Children separated from their families. Every day, legal immigrants living in isolated communities along the U.S. Southern border suffer civil rights violations that infringe the law. One of the best ways to help is to empower them with knowledge about their rights.  The only way to reach them is through the only media consumed by 90% of immigrants living in isolated communities – radio.  We brought together lawyers and musicians to translate complex immigration laws into Corridos - a popular musical genre.

Brand: Southern Poverty Law Center
Client: Southern Poverty Law Center
Agency: Grey
Language: English

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