Media Innovation - Existing Channels

This award showcases those who have the insight and creativity to change the way a particular media channel is consumed. 



The Blank Edition

Due to political infighting, Lebanon remained without a government for 6 months, pushing the economy to the brink of collapse. Politicians used the press to placate the public with excuses while being paid to do nothing. An-Nahar, a historically activist newspaper decided to shock the growingly apathetic nation into demanding the democratically-elected government fulfill their obligations. We printed a completely blank paper and encouraged readers to take control of the headlines. The Blank Edition became the best selling of the newspaper's history, and soon after Lebanon finally got its government.

Brand: An-Nahar
Client: An-Nahar
Agency: Impact BBDO
Language: English

Living Wine Labels

Already faced with tough competition and a declining category, Treasury Wine Estates needed to stand out in a crowded wine aisle brimming with Millennial-focused brands. And with widespread clean store policies, we couldn’t rely on point-of-sale displays or traditional retail channels to reach our audience. The reality of retail was bleak. So we hit refresh – and created Living Wine Labels, an app that uses augmented reality to disrupt the wine aisle and speak directly to shoppers, by transforming our packaging into a platform for brand storytelling.

Brand: Living Wine Labels
Client: Treasury Wine Estates
Agency: J. Walter Thompson San Francisco
Language: English

KFC - Scroll Thru

KFC wanted to increase its online delivery business but instead of just creating a traditional awareness campaign, the Scroll-Thru campaign hacked Facebook's ad formats to turn them into an interactive food ordering experience. We re-created the physical and human elements of the drive-thru experience in the place our Arab Youth audience like to hang out the most: the social newsfeed, so they could give into their fried chicken cravings without ever leaving it.  The campaign delivered over 86,000 meals in two months, and generated more than 230% in incremental revenue, 

Brand: KFC Scroll-Thru
Client: YUM MENA
Agency: Memac Ogilvy
Language: English

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