Financial products and services including: communications promoting overall image and capabilities of a financial institution.



iShares Future Baller$

60% of NBA players are rumored to go bankrupt, often based on short-sighted investments. Young investors were also risking their all in exciting short-term stock market gambles. We drafted the iShares Future Baller$, a team of five NBA-rookies, to take a stance against short-term investing and player bankruptcies. Our unexpected role models redefined what it means to invest like a baller and inspired our thrill-seeking young investors to play the long game. 'Long term investing is exciting' +76% iShares awareness +82% Purchase Intent +121% New Business +$1.1B

Brand: iShares
Client: iShares
Agency: DDB San Francisco
Language: English

MassMutual: Uncomfortable Truths

MassMutual faced serious competitive headwinds as the brand was outspent in the financial services category by nearly 5X, but wanted to reach new consumers. In order to make its mark in a crowded space, the brand launched a campaign that defied convention and forced consumers to get comfortable with the uncomfortable realities involved in financial planning. We hit viewers with raw, vulnerable honesty that resulted in increasing new customers by 20% and increased overall customers by 5%, hitting a 6-year high for the brand.

Brand: MassMutual
Client: MassMutual
Agency: Grey New York
Language: English


TIAA believes in everyone's right to a dignified and secure retirement—a topic young Americans would rather not think about. We had to get them to listen, so we focused on what they do think about: equality. Specifically the staggering statistic that women retire with 30% less than men. As an underdog who's always fought for the underdogs, we launched #RetireInequality, giving TIAA a platform to share their mission and fight for what’s right.

Brand: TIAA
Client: TIAA
Agency: The Martin Agency
Language: English

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