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The Record-Breaking Mailing

To cut the rising costs of mailing paper licences, Britain’s TV Licensing Authority had to overcome the entrenched habits of 7m people used to receiving a paper TV Licence in the post.
The solution? Behaviour-change strategy in action!
We showed how behaviour-change theory can come alive to solve even the toughest problems.

Brand: TV Licensing
Client: TV Licensing
Agency: RAPP (United Kingdom)
Language: English

Nothing Can Do What A Soldier Can Do

Army recruitment is critical to national defence.
Missing recruitment targets creates gaps in training that can’t be filled retrospectively, creating an impact for decades.
Young people were less engaged with the Army and had more appealing options.
While other organisations tried to motivate applicants, we chose to remove a key barrier for a generation of “main characters”.
To challenge their perception of a metaphorical and potentially literal future robot Army with an Army truth: Nothing Can Do What A Soldier Can Do.

Brand: Capita, for the British Army
Client: Capita, for the British Army
Agency: Accenture Song
Language: English

Unite Against COVID-19

When the COVID-19 pandemic reached NZ, our fate rested on our response in the the initial 7 weeks. Would we overwhelm hospitals? Suffer countless deaths? Spark a long economic decline? Our ‘go hard, go early’ strategy was the most aggressive in the world. Kiwis embraced it. We stayed home, closed shop, and stopped movement. This is the story of how a team of 5 million united against COVID-19 and won. 24-months on, NZ has retained the lowest death rate in the developed world and a V-shaped economic recovery

Brand: New Zealand Government
Client: New Zealand Government
Agency: Clemenger BBDO
Language: English

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