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The last steel of Azovstal

For the third year in a row the Danish Cancer Society transformed Father's Day into "Save Your Father's Day," inviting children and relatives to remind all fathers in the country to see a doctor if they notice bodily changes that could be signs of cancer. Through a single film on SoMe the campaign ensured that 78,200 Danes engaged in conversations with their fathers or loved ones about cancer symptoms. This meant that, when measured across the entire campaign investment, we've essentially spent just €0,94 per conversation about cancer symptoms generated. 

Brand: Azovstal Bracelets
Client: UNITED24
Agency: Gres Todorchuk PR
Language: English

The Record-Breaking Mailing

To cut the rising costs of mailing paper licences, Britain’s TV Licensing Authority had to overcome the entrenched habits of 7m people used to receiving a paper TV Licence in the post.
The solution? Behaviour-change strategy in action!
We showed how behaviour-change theory can come alive to solve even the toughest problems.

Brand: TV Licensing
Client: TV Licensing
Agency: RAPP (United Kingdom)
Language: English


Bad news first. Suicide among young people is increasing while in other groups decreasing. Every year, 5000 children attempt suicide, just in Sweden. The good news: Research shows clearly that the ability to express how you feel is one of life’s most important protective factors. Main target group: Every parent in Sweden with a nine-year-old. Idea: Essential Talks of Life. A book and a 360-project with insights and exercises. Result: 87% of the parents read the book, and 70% have taken or are considering action based on its guidance.

Brand: LightUpUkraine
Client: UNITED24
Agency: Gres Todorchuk PR
Language: English

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