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Unite Against COVID-19

When the COVID-19 pandemic reached NZ, our fate rested on our response in the the initial 7 weeks. Would we overwhelm hospitals? Suffer countless deaths? Spark a long economic decline? Our ‘go hard, go early’ strategy was the most aggressive in the world. Kiwis embraced it. We stayed home, closed shop, and stopped movement. This is the story of how a team of 5 million united against COVID-19 and won. 24-months on, NZ has retained the lowest death rate in the developed world and a V-shaped economic recovery

Brand: New Zealand Government
Client: New Zealand Government
Agency: Clemenger BBDO
Language: English

Bringing the U.S. together for our future

The Shape Your Future. START HERE” platform was extraordinarily effective in the context of public apathy, distrust of government, social unrest, and the COVID-19 pandemic. The highly integrated campaign emphasized the new internet self-response option, countered confidentiality fears, and humanized the importance of the 2020 Census based on the proposition that participation shapes everyone’s future. Despite the many unique 2020 challenges, the U.S Census Bureau achieved its goals, enabling accurate representation in Government and basis for distribution of trillions of dollars of funding for the next ten years to communities.

Brand: U.S. Census Bureau
Client: U.S. Census Bureau
Agency: VMLY&R Washington DC
Language: English

We Are The NHS: Then, Now, Always

After years of real-term funding cuts, staff shortages and costly recruitment practices, we narrowed the staff shortfall, delivered unprecedented applications, and built a future-facing NHS recruitment legacy.
We’ve done it in a year where securing the future NHS workforce was fundamental to protecting the nation’s health as Britain faced its greatest threat since World-War-Two with Covid-19.
“Then, now, always” is a rallying call to arms; an intimate, authentic celebration of the million+ staff who tirelessly care for the sick and put their lives on the line.
This is not a story of success. This is a story of survival.

Brand: NHS England
Client: NHS England
Agency: MullenLowe London
Language: English

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