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Sam's Club The Big Split for College

As parents of college students discover, household items that they forget to buy will often be “shopped” at Mom & Dad’s. We realized that our oversized packages at Sam’s Club are ideal for sharing by parents and their student, since each large pack has separately wrapped mini-packs inside. "The Big Split for College" encouraged parents to stock up for their college kids’ household needs by purchasing the premium Cottonelle and Kleenex brands they love themselves and splitting them with their student during that “shopping at Mom & Dad’s” moment.

Brand: Kleenex
Client: Kimberly Clark
Agency: VMLY&R Commerce
Language: English

Tide x Marvel

While entertainment partnerships run the risk of borrowed interest and weak brand attribution, Tide successfully centered itself in the Marvel universe by tapping into fandom behaviors for the release of the Dr. Strange sequel. Fans were predicting film cameos and loved spotting Easter eggs within Marvel content. Tide entered both conversations to create an experience that engaged millennials while making Tide top of mind.

Brand: Tide
Client: Procter & Gamble
Agency: Saatchi & Saatchi
Language: English

Changing the Way Australia Builds

For 30 years James Hardie attempted to disrupt the residential building and construction sector with ‘fibre cement’, an alternative product to traditional brick materials. All to no avail. It was only after we broke the unspoken rules of the category itself that we achieved our original purpose. Transforming a B2B brand that formerly addressed a male dominated builder audience, into a B2C brand that empowers female homeowners - the true visionaries and decision-drivers when it comes to building a home.

Brand: James Hardie
Client: James Hardie Australia
Agency: Ogilvy Sydney

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