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Not A Problem

The $3B home warranty category is highly fragmented and rife with confusion. Most homeowners don’t know what a warranty is, why it matters, or how it’s different from home insurance. And for those that do, fear-driven marketing drove suspicion and distrust rather than interest.  To elevate the category in homeowners' minds and win new members, American Home Shield took a completely different approach to advertising in 2020. The 'Not A Problem!' campaign celebrated confident and empowered homeowners and repositioned AHS as an ally to keep their home running smoothly. 

Brand: American Home Shield
Client: American Home Shield
Agency: Fallon
Language: English

Dr. Rick

Our 2018 “Parentamorphosis” campaign targeted a new audience and launched Progressive’s first homeowners insurance product. Goals were successfully met, but the core insight still resonated. While it remains true that Progressive can’t protect you from turning into your parents when you buy your first home – Dr. Rick can. Our Dr. Rick campaign became Progressive’s most-watched content of all time, launched our target audience’s most-loved character, grew policies in force by double digit percentages and gave us the edge we needed to take on the competition.

Brand: Progressive Insurance
Client: Progressive Insurance
Agency: Arnold Worldwide
Language: English

First time homeowner? You’re probably experiencing Parentamorphosis.

For more than a decade, Progressive has been synonymous with Flo and discount car insurance. We developed a campaign that would launch a product to an audience we’d never gone after before, inside one of the most competitive categories there is, among rivals who’ve spent decades and billions of dollars promoting home insurance. It worked. We needed an insight that would go right at our young audience—that buying your first home turns you into your mom and dad—and the creative platform to bring that to life: Parentamorphosis.

Brand: Progressive
Client: Progressive Insurance
Agency: Arnold Worldwide
Language: English

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