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Resilience Road

Each year, hundreds of thousands of Australian homes are destroyed or damaged by extreme weather. And 97% of disaster funding is spent on rebuild/recovery and only 3% spent on prevention. To break the cycle, Suncorp Insurance shifted its long-term strategy from one of supporting ‘recovery’ to one of enabling ‘resilience’. Over the last three years, this has led to multiple brand acts and industry-leading products that are shaping the insurance landscape and resulting in long term success that proves resilience is the most valuable thing an insurer can now offer.

Brand: Suncorp Insurance
Client: Suncorp Insurance
Agency: Leo Burnett Sydney

The Last Performance

New Zealand is one of the most under-insured countries in the world for life insurance. To tackle this, we partnered up with NZ’s most popular ‘murder mystery’ TV show – The Brokenwood Mysteries. In an partnership that pushed the boundaries of what was possible with a media integration, we brought the murdered characters back from the dead for one last performance that challenged Kiwis to rethink preconceptions around life insurance. This inventive use of television, captured the attention of NZ and got the nation more interested in life insurance.

Brand: Partners Life
Client: Partners Life
Agency: Special Auckland

AAA Insurance Rickrolls America

Category leaders outspend us 50 to 1. We had to be smarter, and media work harder to break through. We needed a Trojan Horse for trust and values messaging. Something so highly shareable it could cut through competitor clutter. On the 35th anniversary of the internet’s most beloved song and / meme phenomenon, we reinvigorated Rickrolling, to sharing our brand message. We recreated Rick's iconic music video and led with mysterious QR code message to Rickroll America in a campaign that encapsulated AAA's trust positioning: insurance ≠ InsurAAAnce from AAA.

Brand: AAA Insurance
Client: California State Automobile Association (CSAA)
Agency: Deloitte Digital
Language: English

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