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Carryout Tips

Tipping your pizza delivery driver is a practice as old as pizza delivery itself, but in the midst of a historic labor shortage, there simply weren’t enough drivers to tip—or deliver pizzas. So we turned to a group who already had the skillset to deliver for Domino’s, our carryout customers, and tipped them $3 for doing what they already do well—delivering their own pizza to themselves. The simple act of rebranding a $3 coupon resulted in 2.2 billion earned media impressions and carryout same-store sales growth of 14.6%.

Brand: Domino's
Client: Domino's
Agency: WorkInProgress
Language: English

A Future Begins

To regain cultural leadership and remind customers of its roots in responsible farming, Chipotle created a short, emotionally-charged film that shines a light on the enormous challenges facing America’s family farms. More akin to a feature film than an ad, we launched with a first-ever format with NFL on TV and surrounded it with an integrated campaign illustrating how the future of real food begins with young farmers. The result was the most socially engaged-with and media-efficient content or advertising in Chipotle’s history, beating even a Super Bowl ad.

Brand: Chipotle Mexican Grill
Client: Chipotle Mexican Grill
Agency: Observatory
Language: English

KFC Degustation

KFC Australia created a fine-dining degustation experience with 11 courses, using the food we sell in restaurant every single day. We knew that giving our food such a cheeky, fancy and over-the-top treatment - then targeting food critics, influencers and foodie-publications - would ensure the campaign amassed a huge amount of PR coverage, which successfully lifted KFC’s food quality perceptions.

Brand: KFC
Client: KFC Australia
Agency: Ogilvy Sydney

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