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I love you but

“Together let’s go big” is the story of a movement based on a collective that goes beyond McDonald’s to include suppliers, farmers, and businesses the brand has been working hand in hand with. The objective? Improve positive advocacy for McDonald’s by showcasing how a decision taken by the brand and implemented with its partners can have a massive positive impact on the planet, the economy, and our health. The results far surpassed our ambition: +25 pts in positive advocacy from clients exposed to the campaign compared to clients who weren’t.

Brand: IKEA
Client: IKEA Belgium
Agency: Ogilvy Social Lab
Language: English

The Christmas Party: Putting Helpfulness at the heart of Christmas 2022

Tesco had carved out a niche for its Christmas advertising. But how do you follow up two years of successfully reflecting the mood of the nation, when that mood is at rock bottom? It would have been easy to change course, but Tesco stuck to their guns, and stood up for Christmas joy when it seemed like nobody else would.

Brand: Tesco
Client: Tesco
Agency: BBH London
Language: English

What’s Your Thing? How DFS gave the nation the confidence to get back to doing their thing.

Against the backdrop of lockdowns, political disquiet, spiralling living costs and the lowest consumer confidence on record, a much-needed holiday was more important to Brits than spending money on their four walls.

Brand: DFS
Client: DFS
Agency: Pablo London
Language: English

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2023_la_2023_e-3239-503_hero_1 EASY Un Rincón en el Mundo para cada uno

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