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Putting the '11' back into 7-Eleven

7-Eleven had been losing their role in the daily American routine since before Covid first came to visit. To survive further headwinds in 2021, the brand dug deep - re-finding the truth at the core of the brand and articulating it for a new generation. In a year full of sporadic variants and lockdowns 7-Eleven unlocked the energy that had been within it all along – one that boosted store visits, brand consideration and turned up big ROI.

Brand: 7-Eleven
Client: 7-Eleven
Agency: Dentsu Creative
Language: English

Tina from Turners

Turners’ brand campaign boldly did exactly the opposite of normal retail advertising. ‘Tina from Turners’ focused on buying cars from customers, rather than selling to them. The much-loved campaign created brand fame and boosted market share, but also significantly improved margin by directly influencing the supply chain. In the first year of the campaign, cars purchased from the public increased by 50%, and cars sold increased by 14%. Those advertising effects combined to deliver a massive 43.7% profit increase – that’s an extra $7 per additional dollar spent on advertising.

Brand: Turners
Client: Turners Auto Retail
Agency: Turners Auto Retail
Language: English

KFC Crispy

After years of stagnating performance in a highly competitive market, KFC France has managed to reverse the trend in under a year, boosting both its image and its business by focusing – and spotlighting – its investments on what makes the brand's products so unique and tasty: the original crispy chicken recipe invented by Colonel Sanders. 

Brand: KFC France
Client: KFC France
Agency: Havas Paris
Language: English

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