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Old Navy BodEquality

Old Navy’s BodEquality revolutionized the shopping experience by becoming the first retailer to offer all women’s styles, in every size, with no price difference. Post-BodEquality in Q3 2021, our shoppers saw our effort. We saw success at every level of the marketing funnel: Brand Awareness reached a record high score, we saw a +117% increase in customer acquisition, converted them 3X the rate of Old Navy’s average, and saw women’s customer engagement increase +63% from the 2019 benchmark, equaling a net 8% sales increase in Q3 2021.

Brand: Old Navy
Client: Old Navy
Agency: The Martin Agency
Language: English

Take it to Eleven

7-Eleven had been losing their role in the daily American routine since before Covid first came to visit. To survive further headwinds in 2021, the brand dug deep - re-finding the truth at the core of the brand and articulating it for a new generation. In a year full of sporadic variants and lockdowns 7-Eleven unlocked the energy that had been within it all along – one that boosted store visits, brand consideration and turned up big ROI.

Brand: 7-Eleven
Client: 7-Eleven, Inc.
Agency: 360i
Language: English

Little Box of Greens

With Lidl and Kaufland leading on fresh produce, Carrefour needed to get an indifferent world excited about its local farmers’ harvest. Ditching classic retail advertising, Carrefour connected farmers’ gardens directly to its home-delivery app. By doing this we transformed the entire shopping journey, PIONEERING THE FIRST NATIONAL “FARM TO FORK” SERVICE IN ROMANIA. The enthusiasm generated by this innovative idea led to unprecedented results: for the 1st time Carrefour became the main destination for fresh produce.

Brand: Carrefour
Client: Carrefour
Agency: Publicis
Language: English

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