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In 2021, the luxury travel industry in North America was hit hard with revenues down 73%. Accor, which operates Fairmont Hotels and Resorts, launched a campaign in October of 2022 to reignite bookings and revenues. They created BeyondLIMITS, a series of one-of-a-kind experiences designed to generate PR buzz and social content, that included a symphony in a cenote and an underwater ballet. All content drove to a custom bookings website. The campaign generated 290 million impressions, plus increased bookings by 117% and revenues by 209% versus 2019.

Brand: Fairmont Hotels & Resorts
Client: Fairmont Hotels & Resorts
Agency: Diamond Marketing Group
Language: English

The Black Elevation Map

In early 2022, as travel finally started to open back up, niche travel brand Black & Abroad was eager to re-ignite the conversation about Black travel and yearned for a follow-up to their globally recognized “Go Back to Africa” campaign with something equally as provocative. Enter The Black Elevation Map: an immersive digital experience that takes 330,000,000+ points of cultural data, such as Black population data, historical markers, Black-owned businesses, and social media activity, and visualizes it as points of interest on a dynamic, searchable elevation map of the US.

Brand: Black & Abroad
Client: Black & Abroad
Agency: Performance Art
Language: English

Dogcation: How a travel agency got pet owners out traveling with a 627% ROMI

The small Swedish charity Ronald McDonald House Charities decided to help families in need and gain more donations by launching the world’s first Ronald McDonald House on Roblox. The house on Roblox is a safe and virtual playroom for healing where seriously ill children can meet old and new friends, and was dreamed, designed, and built by the kids staying at the houses in Sweden. Trust for Ronald McDonald House Charities increased by +21%, consideration to donate increased by +20%, donations rose by +29% and 2,200 children played together.

Brand: Nordic Leisure Travel Group (Spies)
Client: Nordic Leisure Travel Group
Agency: Robert / Boisen & Like-minded
Language: English

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