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Skinny was a little telco on a big growth mission. NZ knew us as a low-cost brand, and assumed we had a low-quality network. Our consideration was half that of our nearest competitor. But you can’t just tell people you’re a credible brand. People don’t trust brands…they trust other people. So we used our superpower – our devoted customers. They would convince the country to consider us. By unleashing the cult, we grew our credibility, AND our consideration. But more importantly, more customers joined the Skinny cult than ever before.

Brand: Skinny
Client: Spark New Zealand
Agency: Colenso BBDO
Language: English

Fighting our way to our most profitable year ever

In 2009, 2degrees launched as a  disruptor of the market. But 10 years on, the brand had drifted, they were struggling to grow in higher-value categories.Our Fighting For Fair platform led to a year of ownable and unmissable communication.It allowed us to be in market longer, delivering more messages – giving 2degrees scale, at a fraction of our competitor’s media spend. With our communication more recognisable than ever before, and significant growth in broadband, pay-monthly and business –We helped 2degrees enjoy their biggest year of profit ever

Brand: 2degrees
Client: 2degrees
Agency: TBWA\New Zealand
Language: English

Subverting the category rulebook to transform a business.

Price comparison represents a unique category where marketing investment is unusually high relative to sales revenues. An established marketing playbook prioritises noisy, fame-driving communications that have created a high barrier to both entry and survival. This paper outlines how we found a more sustainable path to fame– and to growth – by challenging the accepted communications rules in the category, and by finding fresh focus around a core purpose. We’ve since outgrown some of the most famous advertising properties in the UK– improving marketing ROI by 36%, increasing spontaneous awareness by 45%, and growing faster than all of the competition.

Brand: Confused.com
Client: Confused.com
Agency: Karmarama
Language: English

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